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Loans For College

Claudia Said:

What are the best loans for college?

We Answered:


There is absolutely no ifs-ands-or-buts, the federal loans are far and away the "best" educational loans that are available. In fact, the whole POINT of the federal educational loan programs is to make college money easily and cheaply available to US college students.

There's only one way to apply for federal loans, and that's to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known simply as "The FAFSA". In fact, you'll have to complete FAFSA once a year, once for each year that you want to apply for aid.

The FAFSA collects information about your household, about your school situation, and about your and your parents' income and financial circumstances. In certain cases you won't need to provide info for your parents - most commonly because you're at least 24 years of age, or married, or attending graduate school, a military vet, or responsible for dependents of your own. If none of those things apply, you will have to provide mom and dad's financials, whether they're actually paying for you to go to school or not. The financial aid system is based on the underlying presumption that your parents have a responsibility (but not an obligation) to help pay for your schooling.

Once you've completed the FAFSA, the financial aid office at your school will be able to determine what types of financial aid you are eligible for - there are two types, aid that is only available to students from families with "exceptional need", and aid that is available to everyone. The loan programs are available to everyone, so, if nothing else, simply completing the FAFSA will make you eligible to borrow.

The largest of the loan programs is the Stafford lending program - that's almost certain to be the one that you're offered. As a third year student, you'll be able to borrow up to $7500 for your junior and senior years - and the good news is - approval is automatic. You don't need an income, you don't need a credit history, and you'll never be asked for a cosigner. If your parents' names appear on your loan paperwork at all, it will be because you put them down as contacts, just in case the lender has trouble finding you when it comes time to start paying the loan back.

Your repayment obligation on your Stafford won't begin until you've been out of school for 6 months, and the interest rate is low and fixed. If you experience financial difficulties come repayment time, there's a near-automatic economic hardship deferment that you can take - and if you decide to go on to graduate school, your payment obligation stops until you finish with that.

Complete your FAFSA at - that's the only place you should ever go, because that .gov at the end tells you that this is an official government website.

I hope that helps you - good luck!

Loretta Said:

How do you get loans for college?

We Answered:

Well it's a pretty easy idea but yet, it's very hard to do. Your best bet is the government, go to and apply there, they will do either two things 1)Give you money for college if you have low income, or 2) give you a loan.

You can try them or private lenders (I don't recommend that) private lenders charge you high interest (about 6.2%) but you only have to pay 6 months after you leave/complete school.

But FAFSA is your best bet because they charge low interest and you really don't owe them anything until after 6 months you complete school. Private lenders lie to you and charge you once you are in school

Milton Said:

How do I pay back college loans of I am withdrawing for good?

We Answered:

When you take out a student loan you are usually given a 6 month grace period after graduation before the loan goes into repayment.
If you drop out of school the loan goes into repayment once the loan company is informed that you are no longer a student. Withdrawing isn't a golden ticket saying that you don't have to pay back what you borrowed - you still owe the loan company every penny that you agreed to pay back.

Charles Said:

Where can I go to obtain information about college loans?

We Answered:

The best place to go first is your schools financial aid office and They can direct you to different places that will offer you a loan. Rates are pretty consistant because the goverment helps control them. You can get student loans from just about any bank in addition to organizations that just make student loans, such as Sally Mae.

Your first stop should be your financial aide office though.

Karl Said:

What is/are the best loans for college?

We Answered:

Fafsa. You should definitely talk with financial aid in your school. It's the best deal and they don't screw u over like other companies. I got loans with other companies, but I quickly consolidate with my college federal loan. Also, financial aid will grant you a lot of money. U would have probably went to college for free for the first few years or most of it paid for if you had applied..depending on your situation. I assume they would since you're running out of money.

go talk to Financial AID!!

Irma Said:

How can I refinance my college school loans?

We Answered:

She can try. You can consolidate loans together so the amount doesn't change but the monthly payments are lower. Depending when she got them, my rate is around 3%, though I know they are higher now. You can't really refinance a student loan. Have her call Sallie Mae or try Nelnet as well.

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You will have to repay the loans after six months of completing your studies. They will start taking the money from your account when you start working. Keep all these things in your mind before you apply for an educational loan.

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