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Low Interest Student Loan

Jared Said:

Low interest student loan.?

We Answered:

well first off make sure you're getting a federal loan, to ensure a fixed interest rate. Private loans do not have fix rates. Whoever you're trying to get the loan thru should have a list of lenders (banks to choose from) with whatever incentives they may offer. Go to your school and ask what lenders are suggested..

Diane Said:

may i know is it possible for me to get interest free student loan for international student?

We Answered: -------> International Students on the web <------- --->Great search engine and information site for everything <--- --> Dept. of Education for any questions<--

1 800 FREE 411

This is free from any phone including cell phones in the U.S.

Angel Said:

What is a great low interest alternative student loan to consider?

We Answered:

I use sallie mae, there interest goes by your credit rating, and/or co-signers rating combined. Its not a bad rate though even if your credit is only decent.

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Wisata Pulau Pari said:

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Pak University said:

Student loans are meant to help students who are unable to accept their educational expenses. Student loans are dissimilar in different countries in the way they are planned, but then the common types of student loans available are the undergraduate loans, college student loans, private student loans, and federal family educational loans. Most of the student loans are issued by the government generally with lower interest rates when compared with the regular loans.