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Manitoba Student Loan

Deborah Said:

Question about student aid/loans in Canada (Manitoba particularly). Can I own a car and get aid 4 University?

We Answered:

no, you do not have to sell your car. If it is a very expensive car then its value will impact on your funding but if you sell it then you have cash savings -- so either way, the best thing is not to sell

Jon Said:

Must I work during my pre-study period?

We Answered:

Don't be so friggin' lazy.

Lucy Said:

Manitoba driver license, stunt driving ticket in Ontario?

We Answered:

Nope, the police will hold the vehicle for 7 days. You will get charged the 7 days rental most likely AND you will get billed for the impound fees and the pick up fees from Enterprise. There was even a case last year where one police department clocked a police officer from another department, off duty, in an unmarked police car and they impounded the car same as any others and held it for the mandated period. The police have no say in the matter, its the law.

The fact that you were not performing a stunt has no bearing. 'Stunting" is just the term for driving stupid over a certain threshold. As for the fine, the Judge may knock it down but don't count on it. Financial hardship is not a reason they normally consider. They may give you longer to pay it though. Absolute liability offences are not automatically unconstitutional. Refusing a breath sample is one such offence that is absolute liability in that you either took the test or refused. So is traffic tickets for following too closely if you rear end someone.

As far as your insurance is concerned, all provinces share drivers info and the insurance companies keep their own databases of accidents and major tickets such as this. Your Manitoba driving record will follow you to Ontario and so will the insurance info.

Antonio Said:

Can I get a Canadian Student loan, even though I have a car?

We Answered:

check with your student loan company

Tommy Said:

Which college should I choose?

We Answered:

Hi Javed,

You do not mention where you are from, nor do you mention where you plan to work.

These are the two crucial points in answering your question. Without that information, it is a waste of time to try and answer this question. Also, you may major in Physics, but your grammar has a lot to be desired.

You don't sound at all like a high-level Physics major.

Your percentage calculations are roughly correct, but what do you expect? American Universities are always going to accept U.S. students before foreigners. I personally think 25% is generous.

"I can't spend...I can't spend..." Jesus man, it sounds to me like you want it all, but you don't want to fork out the bucks to get it. Freaking foreigners man...isn't it any wonder Western Universities don't want to have to deal with them?

Personally, no matter what you do, where you're from, how much damn money you decide to spend, if you don't have M.I.T. on your freaking resume, you are dead in the water. A PHYSICS major without an education at M.I.T.? Ha!! No matter where you're from, how much money you have, what your top scores are a dead freaking duck in the water.


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