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Medical Student Loans

Frank Said:

What help is out there for ones who have been laid off longer than a year, have medical bills, student loans?

We Answered:

Get a job.

Wendy Said:

True/False: Medical bills and student loans don't look as bad on your credit as consumer debt?

We Answered:

False they still get counted when a potential lender is calculating how much you can borrow for a car, mortgage or other loan you might try to get beecause they take your income and look at in relation to your total monthly payment obligations, no matter what the source of those obligations might be.

Jessie Said:

Plus student loans and medical school?

We Answered:

You have to pay loans until AFTER you finish school and since you're attending medical school after your undergrad degree, I believe you don't have to pay them back AFTER you're done with med school because you're still considered a student.

Shirley Said:

Were's the best place to get student loans for medical school?

We Answered:

You should fill out the FAFSA. It will tell you what aid you are eligible for. Student loans from the government are the most secure and best to get. Try filling it out and submitting it to your school.

Hope this helps.

Brenda Said:

Can I take out enough student loans to pay for medical school and my mortgage?

We Answered:

That would be one hell of a big student loan. I don't know of any loan program that would cover medical school (pricey as it is) AND house payments. I'd be surprised if you were even approved for a student loan.

Christina Said:

Can I get student loans or Financial Aid for Carribean Medical school?

We Answered:

Yes you can, but you can't get the full amount that you would get if you were going to a US medical school. I believe you can only get $18, 500 (as opposed to $38, 500). Hope this helps!

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