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National Student Loan Center

Ruth Said:

Do you think the money you earn is yours?

We Answered:

You illustrate why we pay taxes very well.... the only problem is that the anti-tax crowd is made up of irrational reactionary conservatives.... they don't understand things like economics and interdependence.

Jackie Said:

Could we sue the National Student Loans Center?

We Answered:

Certainly. If you have enough evidence from a number of people, you can indeed band together and file a class action lawsuit against that company. If you already know a few people, and they're willing to file charges against the company, why not get together and have an initial consultation with an attorney. Your state's BAR association will be able to direct you to an attorney, and usually the cost is around $25 for an initial consultation. The attorney will then be able to tell you if a class action legal suit is a possibility.

Patrick Said:

How to fix an OSAP overpayment?

We Answered:

call the number, keep pressing 0. eventually a customer service rep will answer. after providing your SIN and some identifying information they should be able to tell you about your overpayment.

Actually you must have 2 overpayments because if you only had 1 you could still apply for OSAP. If you have 2 overpayments, you have to pay one off completely before you become eligible again.

Robert Said:

Do you believe the money you earn is yours?

We Answered:

You raise a very good point. If we benefit from government programs, we have an obligation to pay for those programs. And we can't expect the Social Contract to be fully renewed every time a new generation is born, so we have to give Caesar what is due Caesar until such time that we find it necessary to take over the government and change things.

Death and taxes are often called the two inevitable things in life, and with good reason. Can anyone point out a population in the current world that is completely without taxes or government? Didn't think so. So those that complain about the very existence of taxes may as well be complaining that the Sun sets in the West. No matter who you are or where you live, you're going to have to deal with taxes. So deal with it.

P.S. Here is a good list of government programs and actions that we all have benefitted from:…

Rene Said:

call osap.? plz help~~!!?

We Answered:

go to the financial aid office at your school. They should be able to tell you why your OSAP is so low.

these are the things that affect how much OSAP you get:
your marital status - single person or still living at home the max is $350 per week multiplied by the number of weeks in your program.
married or sole support parent, its $545 per week.

Things that will reduce your OSAP funding:
your prestudy income
your income while in school
your parents/spouses income
the value of any cars you own or lease
your savings
your RRSPs

OSAP starts by assessing your NEED - this is your tuition cost, books, and living -- OSAP decides what your living expenses are -- you don't tell them what they are.
Then OSAP decides (based on the information you give) what your CONTRIBUTION to your education ought to be.
Then they subtract your contribution from your need and get your UNMET NEED. If your need is higher than the maximums, you get the max -- $350/week or $545/week depending. If your need is less than the maximum, you get the lesser amount.

There are items that you can appeal, but you first need to know if something you put down on your app is causing you to not get what you expected. The best person to help with that is your financial aid officer at your school.

Julie Said:

OSAP Question? Returning to school...?

We Answered:

If you are attending school you do not have to make payments on your previous student loans. NSLSC is supposed to realize this when you submit your new OSAP application, but as you have probably come to realize after dealing with NSLSC for a couple of year, you should never assume that they will do anything.

Get a 'continuation of interest free status form' , fill it out and send it in. Although the form is supposed to be for student who are in school and not getting OSAP, they will accept it as notification that you will be stopping your payments. Once you have sent it in, call the NSLSC and confirm which month they will stop taking your payments.

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