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National Student Loan Program

Barbara Said:

As a EU national, how can I apply for a student loan to help me pay the tuition fees of a MA in England ?

We Answered:

There is no funding available from the government for UK or EU students to complete a masters degree.

You may be able to obtain a career development loan or similar from the bank. Alternatively, get a job and maybe your employer will pay for it? some Universities will offer scholarship type positions where you will be working for the uni in return for tuition.

MAs are not considered a necessary level of education for most jobs, if you want one you will have to pay for it. Most students will save up and then have to work alongside their masters programme to support themselves.

Dorothy Said:

What do you think of Obama's national student loan program?

We Answered:

looks MORE and MORE like the general plan of attack here..

is to combine EVERY ASPECT of possible commercial value...


and end-run the checks and balances of


ANSWER - what's next (so far - banking, lenders, auto manufacturing, health-care)...

Nicholas Said:

student loan repyment program?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about the National Guard, but my husband had student loans prior to joining the ARMY, and when he joined the army paid off all of his prior student loans. It was part of him enlisting in the military. I also, know that he had friends while they were in the military, decided to go back to college, and the military paid for all of their schooling. Your best bet would be to call up someone who handles that sort of thing, and they can give you all the details about it. Good Luck

Deanna Said:

Does the Air National Guard have a student loan repayment program?

We Answered:

The short answer: It depends.

Are you a non-prior service applicant? Or do you have military experience? The answer to your question can depend on the answer to mine - as well as a couple other factors.

First things first. The Air National Guard is funded by the individual STATES (not the feds). The same is true for the Army National Guard. If you hear "guard" think "state". The reserves are funded by the FEDS.

There is a reason this distinction is important. Although I believe that air national guards of all states offer incentives of some kind, just what they offer and "how much?" depends on the legislatures of the respective states. Some states may offer enlistment bonuses others may offer student loan repayment (up to a certain amount) and others may offer tuition assistance. Some states may offer all three, whereas others may offer a combination of them, and some may even tie them to enlisting in certain career fields. Typically, the best incentives are offered for the jobs that are traditionally hard to fill.

Another thing to consider: although these 'perks' are used as an enlistment tool and may even be written into your contracts, there is usually something in the 'fine print' that says these programs are subject to funding by the congress. Since most states are "broke" that is one of the first things the states have not funded - the educational benefits for individuals in the guard. For example: I know several people that were in the Hawaii Air National guard. When they first joined (and signed up for a 6 year enlistment, which is the standard enlistment), the state had student loan repayment and tuition assistance. Tuition assistance was offered at 100% based on resident tuition at the University of Hawaii up to a certain amount per semester - on a first come, first serve basis - which meant apply early. If you took classes the fall semester (the beginning of the fiscal year), you had a good chance of getting it. If you waited until the spring semester - the unit was out of money and you were SOL - because it was subject to funding. Loan repayment was capped at only 10 grand over 6 years, also subject to funding... 2 years ago the tuition assistance was dropped to 50%, this past year, it wasn't funded at all.

New recruits - non-prior service - they were usually protected because those funds were reimbursed by the federal government. Good if you were new, but not so good if you wanted to reenlist,

Another fact of life: a lot of states don't offer incentives to join the guard anymore. Why? supply and demand. recruiting is GOOD. they don't have to offer incentives to get recruits because the economy is so bad, they will get someone to walk in the door willing to join just to get a job.

so the only way you can get your answer, is to talk to an air national guard recruiter near you. if you are within driving distance of several different state's, go talk to them too. the 'deal' can be much better a couple of hours further down the road.

best option right now: Active Army. up to $65,000 of student loans repaid over 3 years, 100% tuition assistance taking classes in your off-duty time, post 9-11 GI Bill.

Talk to a recruiter, and good luck!

Rose Said:

Should the Army Student Loan Repayment Program be raised to $100,000?

We Answered:

If the government can come up with money for their private projects and waste it all, why not the troops (That's a just cause). Believe me, they can afford to do it and it wouldn't cost us anything because the money's already there. From what some soldiers tell me, they get the bonuses in small amounts which doesn't do anything to reduce a student loan (interest does accumulate & they do take out taxes from the bonuses). To those that think people will take the money and run (you probably don't have that munch life experience). The government can get it back and the person would be messed up for life because of prison time and credit wise (good luck finding a job).

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