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National Student Loans Service Centre

Pearl Said:

How many of these may be privatised over the next five years?

We Answered:

The profitable ones the ones that make money and the one that make a loss well if the rules can changed or the playing field altered so that they can make a profit, them too.

Kimberly Said:

How do I get the two non-profits that I used to volunteer with to leave me alone now?

We Answered:

Write one letter, addressed to the Executive Directors of both agencies.
Tell them that you are no longer willing or able to volunteer because of personal circumstances AND because of the way the others treat you.
Tell them that they are to STOP all phone calls to you, your home, and your cell phone.
Tell them that if you receive ONE MORE PHONE CALL, you will file criminal harassment charges against them - the Executive Directors - PERSONALLY.

Then do it.

I do this frequently.

It works every time and I've never had to file the charges.

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