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National Student Loans

Jesus Said:

Will the GI bill or Army National Guard pay off past student loans as incentive to join?

We Answered:

This website gives a little info on student loan repayment:

Also your signing bonus will depend on several factors like the job you choose and the amount of years you enlist for.

Here is a link to current army pay charts:

Christopher Said:

How much tax, national insurance and student loan repayment should I pay on a salary of £20,000?

We Answered:

I use the website, it allows you to put in your gross salary and it will calculate your tax and NI contributions, and there is also an option for student loan repayment.

Earning £20000, your annual salary after tax will be approximately £14939:

£2,983.00 deducted for tax
£1,628.00 deducted for NI
£450.00 deducted for student loan repayment

Micheal Said:

Need help. National City bank question regarding student loans.?

We Answered:

The answer to your question depends on what you're actually looking for - you're confusing two things in your question.

First of all, let's talk about the "federal unsubsidized" loan that you're asking about.

The federal unsubsidized loan is a Stafford Loan. In order to qualify for a Stafford loan, you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (better known as the FAFSA), using the US Department of Education website at . You can only apply for a Stafford loan when your school's financial aid office has offered you a Stafford loan. That can't happen until you have completed a FAFSA, and until your school receives an Expected Family Contribution score from the Department of Education.

This is what you want to have happen, because the Stafford loan is far better and cheaper than the other type of loan you're asking about, which is something called a "private educational loan". The Stafford Loan is a fixed rate, low interest loan, while the private educational loans are offered at higher, and variable interest rates. Staffords are not based on income or credit history, and never require a cosigner, but private educational loans are credit and income based, and very few students can qualify for one without a cosigner.

If you do qualify for a Stafford (and it's about 99.9999% likely that you will), your school will require you to select a Stafford lender. Chances are that they will provide you with a list of banks that make Stafford loans. Lenders choose to participate in the Stafford lending program, but all participants must agree to make those loans the same way - with the same terms, the same qualifications, the same interest rates, etc. In that regard, there is not a tremendous amount of difference between one Stafford lender and the next.

(A few years ago, lenders competed for Stafford applicants by offering borrower "incentive programs", but very few of those benefits remain. At most, you'll probably find that your lender will offer you a small interest rate discount if you agree to allow the lender to sign you up for "autopay" of your student loan.)

If you wind up looking for private educational loans - then you will need to comparison shop carefully for your loan. The key to determining the expense of your loan will be the interest rate, and different lenders have different formulas that you use to calculate the variable interest rate that applies to those loans. You'll also need to see if the interest is capitalized every month while you're in school, or just one time when you repayment obligation becomes due. (the latter is preferable).

Good luck to you. I highly recommend that you spend a few minutes with the US Department of Education booklet that I'm linking to, below. This publication explains the entire aid system, including Stafford loans, private loans, and all of the other forms of educational assistance that are available. I hope this helps!

Maureen Said:

Does anyone have any information on national city, returning student loan checks?

We Answered:;…

Ronald Said:

Student Loan Repayment in the National Guard?

We Answered:

Well, I found out that you can: "current Army National Guard members who extend their enlistment contract for a minimum period of six years are also eligible for this program if they meet certain requirements. " (…

You should talk to your chain of command and/or unit reenlistment representative to see if you can do this.

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