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Nb Student Loan

Melvin Said:

What are my chances at getting into a good law school?

We Answered:

I believe the world has more attorneys than it could ever possibly use. The practice of law is reduced by vast numbers of unethical attorneys whose words are meaningless unless immediately regurgitated and returned by an immediate Fax to confirm your understanding or agreement. 20 years plus, it was a pleasure dealing with ladies and gentlemen. NOW EVERYONE WANTS TO PULL DOWN THEIR PANTS AND PROVE THEY HAVE THE BIGGEST CAHONES. AND EVERYONE INCLUDES FEMALES.

That said the legal information learned is incredibly important, interesting and challenging. It will protect you and your loved one for all your lives.

Yes you should try to get into the best school or the school with the strongest alumni association for job hunting.

Yes the transfer to RUTGERS will raise your stature in the eyes of the recruiting committees.

A second major is a full and complete waste unless it comes along with the electives you have selected. Give yourself a break....Enjoy your college life. It is a rare and special time in your life. Use it to expand your experiences with courses and peoples.

Assume you do not get into a top 5 school. Once you pass the bar, the school is important to only a few recruiters. In private practice or a partnership with a few friends you will discover clients neither ask nor care about your school. THEY WANT ONLY TO SCREW OTHERS THROUGH THE KNOWLEDGE YOU POSSESS. Yes,
clients have changed over the same passage of time and you will be annoyed at their pettiness, greed and absence of appreciation of nature, purpose and benefit of compromise.

The law degree is priceless, the legal profession nearly socially worthless. if you use your education for business, personal growth or other non-practicing purpose you will maximize your long term personal happiness while carrying a big stick.

Good luck....

Laura Said:

Should I have a baby now, or do my second degree (Medicine) first?

We Answered:

I think unless you're 100% sure that you won't be doing Medicine then I'd put the baby idea on hold. Studying Medicine is very demanding at the best of times, but trying to fit in all that study and those clinical placements between being a mum to a newborn baby would be incredibly difficult I would've thought, especially as it sounds like family can't help with babysitting duties.

You're only 21 so you could easily complete your undergrad Medicine course and then have a baby before you're 30.

Jimmy Said:

What do I do about my Student loans?

We Answered:

go here… and do some reading about what your rights are and what the collection agency can and cannot do.

Janice Said:

Questiona on annuity,please solve it, its urgent, if u r gud at it do ans it as soon as possible.?

We Answered:

All your home work you want others to solve???

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