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New York Student Loans

Guy Said:

I live in the New York area and have a private student loan of at least 30,0000 was able to make monthly?

We Answered:

You should receive notification before they start garnishment of wages.

Lydia Said:

Student loan in New York?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Kay Said:

Where can I get an International Student loan for new York College, Thessaloniki Greece?

We Answered:

Sallie Mae has student loans for international students studying in the US and for US students studying abroad:…

Marshall Said:

College student in new york city?

We Answered:

I'm having similar worries with attending school in London.

However, FAFSA is going to be your best friend. It applies you for grants and scholarships (which you don't have to pay back), as well as loans (I think). There's a lot of stigma following student loans, but weight the pro's and cons. It's probably worth it if you want to become a doctor -- if you do achieve your goals, you should have no problem paying back a few student loans.
I'd say, if you can, use loans and grants for tuition fees and books. Then hold on to your $40,000 for living costs and extra fees (book, travel).
Good luck, hun. I'm sure you'll figure something out because you seem quite smart. =)

Nina Said:

How can I find a good deal on a mortgage in New York state?

We Answered:

hate to say this but you are between a rock and a hard place -- really the 6.95 is not that bad considering the mortgage situation right now and your out of state status -- i would go with the loan in hand!!!

Douglas Said:

what bank are good for private student loans covering living expenses?

We Answered:

It depends if you are living off campus. Either way Sallie Mae has two different loan programs that can help. If you are on campous--signature loan, if you rschool particapates in the program. Or the tuition answer loan, the money comes to you.

Both offer no payments until after graduation. You may need to add a cosigner to get it though.

Dwight Said:

How can I get a car with a student loan if I live in new york and I need a car to get to and from school?

We Answered:

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