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Nj Student Loans

Diane Said:

student loans for education in atlanta?

We Answered:

If you have a defaulted federal student loan you will be ineligible for any additional federal student loans until your defaulted loan is paid in full or you have made satisfactory repayment options with the guarantee agency. Contact your guarantee agency to determine how to get your loan out of default status. If you don't know who that is you can find it at You will need your federal PIN to access this site. If you don't have one you can get it at

If you are looking at private student loans you may be able to qualify, but having a defaulted federal loan will count negatively in the review process. And, if it is approved, your interest rate and fees will probably be pretty high since you are a credit risk. Make life easier on you...take care of your defaulted student loan.

Miriam Said:

Student loans to help fill the gap - or is it too much?

We Answered:

Apply to both schools so you get a financial aid "Award Letter" from both and compare them. If money is an issue and you are concerned about all the loans, choose the school you can attend (and graduate from) with the least amount of debt. Don't forget you'll have to do this for FOUR years.

Linda Said:

how do i find out about a student loan in NJ?

We Answered:


The answer to your question will depend on whether your loan was a federal loan, or a private loan - you didn't indicate that in your description.

Harrison Career Institute was a participant in the Federal Student Aid program, and its students were eligible for Stafford loans.

Here's what the Department of Education has to say about the Closed School Discharge:

"If your school closes while you're enrolled, and you can't complete your program because of the closure, any U.S. Department of Education loan obtained to pay your cost of attendance at that school can be discharged...

Please bear in mind that you are not eligible for the discharge if you are completing a comparable educational program at another school. If you complete such a program at another school after your loan is discharged, you might have to pay back the amount of the discharge. If you haven't received a diploma or certificate but have completed all the coursework for the program, you're not eligible for the discharge...

If the holder of your loan learns your school closed, your loan holder will send you a loan discharge application. If you don't receive an application, contact the loan holder"

Here's your contact:

POC - Nautochia Webb : 646-428-3758

I hope that information helps you get this situation resolved. Good luck to you!

Brenda Said:

Can I combine different loans?

We Answered:

Have you contacted New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority?

I am going to say, no you can not consolidate your NJ Class Loans with your FFELP loans into a Federally guaranteed Consolidation Loan because they are private state agency loans. I would also strongly caution you against privately consolidating your Stafford loans. Once you do that you loose the protections that you are afforded under the FFELP program. I would consolidate your Stafford loans with federally guaranteed Consolidation loan and then look for a private consolidation loan. I know Nellie Mae has a Private Credit Consolidation loan that may be able to consolidate your Class loans. The nice thing about a private consolidated student loan (compared to a regular unsecured loan) is that they are easier to obtain and act more like a student loan. I will caution you with private lenders, not all of them are bad but the loans are riskier for the borrower than federally guaranteed loans.

Mario Said:

Will a state tax refund be reported if there is a default on student loans? (ie, MI)?

We Answered:

MOST likely. But since it is so recent, maybe not.
The government, through the IRS helps taxpayers fulfill their obligations by paying on their delinquencies. By seeking deferment or making regular payments one avoids delinquency and its consequences.

Marie Said:

How doi rent an apt in ny/nj as a student have good credit no guarantor?

We Answered:

go on and look in roommmates/shares u could find a roommate who already has a place and their old roommate left. this way you dont have to go through the same process of proving a guarontor (the person on the lease willprobably already have one) in the meantime i woudl get a rental reference letter to prove u make ur monthly payments on time as well as have an extra months security to prove u can make ur payments without a guarontor. (you shouldnt have any problems) good luck!

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