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Nm Student Loans

Morris Said:

Will my New Mexico Tax Rebate be applied to my defaulted Federal Student Loan?

We Answered:

The way it is supposed to work, the student loan will get it.

But frequently the IRS misses things like this.

As one hateful, insignificant detractor to another.

Allan Said:

Can America afford an Education Crisis ?

We Answered:

they want you poor and stupid so the only option you have is the military. It's been done before.

Timothy Said:

What do you think of Obama's lash out over student loans?

We Answered:

Wow, more government control. Who would have thunk it? As for what do I think of Obama, let's just say if I posted it, I would indeed get a violation.

Leona Said:

is this article trying to say that students loans is going to be limited and cut back...?

We Answered:

Have tried reading the article? A bill just passed through the house making Stafford loans become Direct Student loans. Instead of the the handing the loans over to private bank, it will end subsidized student loans through PRIVATE lenders such as National City, CHASE, Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo etc.this, there most likely won't be a lot of fees involved because a lot of private banks do this. A subsidized loans is a loan in which the interest is paid by the government until a student gets out of college. Private lenders will no longer be able to charge you high fees that are associated with student loans if the bill is passed.

Jeff Said:

Life advice............................?

We Answered:

go junior college for two year +, and transfer to an university for 2 yr. Junior college will help you find your passion while you save money. After taking all the General Education course in junior college, you'll obtain a associate degree. Depending on what kind of gpa you get, you can transfer to a 4year university. Even ppl with good gpa attend junior college to transfer to a 4yr institution because they want to save money, so you may face competition there. But you have a better chance of getting in an university than high school students, because they tend to take junior college students before they take highschool grads. Now with more life experience, you'll be more equipped to handle college life than many new students.

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