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No Cosigner Student Loan

Erica Said:

loan question for no-cosigner student?

We Answered:

Yes. The Department of Education will give you a student loan without a cosigner. Apply at

Oscar Said:

Who is a good cosigner for a Student loan?

We Answered:

Your school should have some sort of help line that you can go to and see what you might be able to qualify for like a loan.

My sister inlaw got alot of financial help on her own through the school and she has no credit and her parents have bad credit.She also gets a monthly check to spend for books,gas allowence,ect.

Remember tho..if you use a family member as a co-signer and you fail to pay off your loan(s) then they will be held responsible.That could make for bad feelings in the family.

Good luck!

Lloyd Said:

I have 0 Credit and No Cosigner for a Student Loan What can i do?

We Answered:

First of all - get a job. Even if it's part-time. The reason I say this is because your best bet would be to get a secured credit card first. After a couple of months of CAREFUL use, and prompt payments, you'll establish a small amount of credit history. When this happens, banks will be more favourable to lending you money. They'll give you a secured card if they see you have an income to back it up.

Or, go to the univ. and start filling out all those credit cards that people offer. College is the best time to get a card as it is generally the case that college students have no $$$. The interest rates on those cards are extremely high! So ALWAYS pay off your balance each month. Don't spend unless you know you have the funds to cover it. Missing 1 single payment can affect your credit score for years...which will make it harder for you to secure any sort of loan in the future.

You can also try to get some government grants...I'm not familiar with the process, but check them..I think the Fanny Mae (or is it the Nellie May?) are the main ones.

Lillie Said:

would my grandma (no income) be a good student loan cosigner?

We Answered:

Your grandma does have an income, if she is able to sell or purchase homes, this is an income. Yes she would be good if she is willing to sign for you, you need her information, she probably has social security or retirement also, you might not be aware of, but Yes she would be a good person to ask.

Cory Said:

Can my student loan cosigner be retired?

We Answered:

Of course they can be retired! This is an issue of credit. If your co-signer has good credit and the lender deems them a worthy risk, there should be no problem having them be your co-signer.

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