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No Credit Check Private Student Loans

Kevin Said:

Where can I find a Private Student Loan that DON"T do credit checks?

We Answered:

You won't, every private student loan company will check your credit.

Colleen Said:

Anyone know a private student loan with no credit checks please I have 2 weeks to get this straight?

We Answered:

Loans with no credit checks are one of the things that caused the credit crunch and recession in the first place. They stopped offering loans like that in 2007. No one is going to lend you money any more without some idea of whether you would pay it back.

Shane Said:

Know of any Student Loans with No Credit Check and No Co-signer required?

We Answered:

Why not utilize the government stafford loans? TRUST ME. You do NOT want to deal with private lenders. Consider yourself lucky that your credit is so poor that they won't lend to you. I regret the day I ever borrowed from private banks for school. The interest is horrible, and the payment plans unreasonable. I would suggest either finding a more reasonable school price-wise if that is the problem, seeing if you qualify for work study, or taking a year or two off to save some money for school and clean up some of your debt issues. To answer your question: there is not a bank in the world that would give you a loan without checking your credit history.

Terry Said:

Where can I find a private student loan that doesn't require a credit check or a cosigner?

We Answered:

There is NO such thing as a private loan that doesn't require a credit check and cosigner. Any private loan will require both, only federal loans don't require things. If you don't have great credit and dont have a cosigner then you need to get a job to pay the rest of your total.
There isn't really any other options accept maybe scholarships.

Martha Said:

what are private student loans with no credit check ?

We Answered:

No credit student loan is also referred to as government guaranteed loans, wherein the credit circumstances are not taken into account. The interest rate on this loan is considerably low.

I think first you prefer govt site if you not find then visit

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