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No Credit Check Student Loan

Renee Said:

Where can I find a student loan that requires NO CREDIT CHECK OR THAT ACCEPT BAD CREDIT?

We Answered:

check out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid -

Matthew Said:

I'm looking for a no credit check student loan. I do not have a cosigner. I need additional funds (not fafsa).?

We Answered:

I'm afraid that without a cosigner you will have no chance of getting a private student loan. (hence all the Spam in your answers) the only thing that I can think of is for you to go to your bank and see if they will give you a regular signature loan, if you are desperate enough. Unfortunately, you have to start payments on these right away. maybe you could have your hours increased at work.

Alex Said:

no credit check student loans with bad credit no co signer please help?

We Answered:

Can I be honest with you, or would you rather I lied and told you everything is going to work out, have a nice day?

The program you're looking for doesn't exist.

Did you read the papers today? Did you hear about Lehman Brothers declaring bankruptcy? Did you read that Bank of America rescued Merrill Lynch from a similar fate, and that AIG is going to be the next mega finance company to fail? I bet you thought this had nothing to do with you.

Bad news - it has everything to do with you.

Actually, I bet you haven't paid any attention to this news, so let me tell why these huge companies are in dire financial straits, and why the US economy is in for an even rougher patch then we've had already....

It's because the lenders got careless with their money and began lending it to people with poor credit histories and insufficient income.

Guess what? Now that all the banks are in deep trouble, they've remembered what it is they used to do - they used to lend money only to people who could provide convincing evidence that they would repay the funds they borrowed.

So now you're coming here and saying - "Someone help me out. I need to find a legitimate lender that will ignore the fact that I have no income and that when I borrowed money in the past, I didn't pay it back as quickly as I promised - in fact, sometimes I didn't pay the money back at all."

Bad news. Lenders like that do not exist.

You did know there were going to be some consequences of establishing a history of bad credit, didn't you? Here they are.

You will not find a legitimate lender who will lend you a significant sum of money with no income, no cosigner and bad credit. The sub-prime lenders that were making those kinds of loans have gone belly up, and the only "lenders" (if I can use that word lightly) who remain in the industry are the crooks who charge unconscionable rates of interest to the desperate and foolhardy.

I'm sorry, but that's the cold, hard and unvarnished truth.

Or I could just wish you well and tell you to have a nice day.

Wanda Said:

Are there any no credit check student loans, or student loans that will accept a co-signer with bad credit?

We Answered:

All private loans require a good credit background and/or a co-signer with good credit, if you have neither, you're out of luck. Sorry.

Patricia Said:

Student loans: Is there another loan like the Federal Stafford Loan that doesnt require a credit check?

We Answered:

No, but the Sallie Mae Tuition Answer loan ( is VERY easy to get approved for on a stand-alone basis, I got my loan from them when I was 19 with no co-signer. They send the check directly to you to pay your school fees and such. They do work with Private schools, so that doesn't matter. I would apply for that, if you get declined then seek a co-signer, or switch to a cheaper school.

Marion Said:

Can you get a private student loan with no credit check ?

We Answered: may be able to help you to get accepted for a loan despite your credit rating.

Discuss It! said:

Yes!i think think the question is spam. which bank can give you loan without your credentials.

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