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No Credit Student Loan

Dianne Said:

Where can I get a private student loan without credit history?

We Answered:

try I got a loan through there and they were the only ones to give me some money w/o a cosigner.

Floyd Said:

where can i find a bad credit student loan?

We Answered:

The other poster is correct on the fact that your son can apply for Stafford loans, also you can apply for a Parent PLUS loan, which your credit score has no part of the decision. They look to see if you have anything currently 90 or more days delinquent. Then they look to see if in the past 5 years you have had: Foreclosure, bankruptcy, repossession, tax lien, wage garnishment, or defaulted loan. Also, if you are denied your son is eligible for $4000 in additional loans in his own name. Hope this helps.

Vernon Said:

I am 22 years old and have almost $10,000 in credit/student loan debt, and need a home in CA next summer?

We Answered:

See http://www.debtreliefprogram.esuperfind.… if possible they'll pay off your debt and you'll pay them off at a lower interest rate.
They don't service all areas but their forms are mega quick.

Dean Said:

Bad credit Student loan, How to get bad credit student loan?

We Answered:

Loans for students help the student to deal with all the expenses that are to be incurred during his education phase like it includes entire cost of the student’s education from tuition fees, accommodation, books, and computers to transportation and many more.…

Many Banks, financial institutions, online lenders etc are ready to offer the loans for students. But students considering their precious time and finds easy to via online as it provides easy access than other source. There are a large number of requirements other than college or course fees.

Some of the most crucial are computer expense, hostel charges, and books and so on. The best college student loans are one which comprises all such expenses. But, to qualify for any such one, you have to give it your best shot as far search is concerned. Such purpose can be accomplished by exploring World Wide Web. You will find an innumerable number of lenders offering college student loans.

Christy Said:

No/Bad Credit Student Loan Help!?

We Answered:

If both of your parents were denied PLUS loans the school can give the loan to you without passing a credit check or having a cosigner. This is a relatively new rule and they may not realize this. Go back to the fin aid office and let them know you can do this.

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