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Non Credit Based Student Loans

Velma Said:

I'm going to school but i need a new car and i have poor credit?

We Answered:

i have seen no scholarships for vehicles so far. but i do know that the redcross sometimes has cars dirt cheap (people donated them). the salvation army may have some sort of auto pointers for you also. FREECYLE is a great option. people offer stuff on there and you can post what you need too.

hang in there baby and stay strong... your almost done!…

Nina Said:

beacon score ?, improving credit, how to remove over 7 year old debts?

We Answered:

Derogatory items age off you credit report 7-1/2 years from the date of first deficiency. This is per the FCRA and nothing restarts the clock.

Do not waste your time sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus for legit debts. Even if something does get removed, it is likely to reappear when the creditor next updates. Sending bogus dispute letters is likely to get you tagged by the credit bureaus and you will have trouble getting real errors fixed.

You need to work out something on those 90 day past due loans before they get charged off. If you bring them current and continue to pay on time, you can rehab those items. But if they get charged off and send to collections, the negative will stay for the balance of the reporting period.

You may want to stop pulling your report thru the dealership you work at. These are probably showing as hard inquiries and ding you score. You can pull free annual credit reports from each credit bureau thru

Also, the credit reports car dealerships pull are geared to car sales and your scores will be different. Scores you buy thru third party monitoring services tend to be Fakko scores based on completely different criteria. The best place to get your real, up-to-date FICO score for each credit bureau is

However, you really shouldn't obsess over your score. Check your credit reports annually for accuracy and pay all your bills on time. Your score will take care of itself. You will need at least 24 months of consistent, on time payment history to improve your score. It takes time to overcome the effects of late payments and defaulted debts.

Ronald Said:

where can i get a loan that doesn't do credit checks?

We Answered:

I disagree with the first answer from missi - you do not have to go to school full time to get federal student loans. You would qualify for the unsubsidized and subsidized direct loans from the William D. Ford loan programs or ones funded thru Chase, SallieMae, or any other loan program that does sub and unsub loans for the federal government whether or not you were going to school full time or part time. You can also apply for sub and unsub loans thru or Chase. The best thing to do is to check with your school's federal aid advisor.

Mattie Said:

Where can I get a non credit based student loan w/ no co signer , defered payments til after graduation?

We Answered:

you can get a non credit based student loan thought fafsa at

Cathy Said:

can you get graduate student loans with home foreclosure on your credit report?

We Answered:

For graduate school you should be looking at the GRAD PLUS loan, but you are right about them falling well short of the 60k you need for school.

Have you considered a cosigner? A private student loan, often referred to as an "alternative loan" will lend up to $45k annually as long as credit and debt to income stipulations are met. Each loan is unique in its own way, but the general credit criteria needed is in the mid 600s. If you are not "hard denied", meaning that you will not be able to get the loan even with the help of a cosigner, you may be able to get the funds required.
You can try this site to see what your options are,

Good luck.

Micheal Said:

non credit based student loans?

We Answered:

Federal student loans, in particular the Stafford loan, does not require a credit check or collateral. It was created because a typical student typically hasn't had time to develop a positive credit history.

Start by filling out a FAFSA (

Most private student loans will be credit based.

Rhonda Said:

Can the NAVY help my situation?

We Answered:

entering military service you can defer your loans.. anywhere from 1-4 years minimum( and some loans can be outright permanently forgiven if you enlist for X number of years).

so you take that deferment period and save up.. even paying just the interest( which will continue to accrue) during that time will help> take all your extra pays for deploying and put them toward the SL payments.

if you live in the Barracks/on board, are VERY frugal with your discretionary spending you can easily afford to pay off your loans while serving.

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