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Nova Scotia Student Loan

Michele Said:

Does anyone know anything about Nova Scotia Student Loans?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Jorge Said:

How Come Second Families of Divorced Dads get leftovers?

We Answered:

I hear what you are saying and yes some of these comments are right when it comes to you choosing this life but one thing i do understand is that it is still unfair. People make mistakes and i am sure that if your man knew he wouldn't be with his ex years after they married then he would never have married. We cant change whats in the past but we can do our best to try and make it better as he is trying to do. From what i can tell its not just the fact that it is costing your husband so very much, but rather the fact that she is living a cosy little life in complete disregard to the fact that your man is trying to live as well.
You know, your problem is felt by thousands and thousands of good husbands and fathers whos lives have been turned upside down by an ex who thinks she deserves everything and more and is extremely happy at the fact she has it over him, it's just so very wrong. The suicide rate in australia for men like your husband is just so so so high it is unbelieveable and it's only been the last couple of years that things have started to get just a fraction better for the good men who just want to do whats right but have a life too.

I don't know a good lawyer but from my own personal experience i can tell you this....
She wont have it over you forever because one day the kids will be grown. It's frustrating, emotionally draining and just plain hard but it wont be like that forever. If you stand by his side and help him get through and treat all the kids as equals then trust it will be returned one day. I did that and it got me everywhere, i refused to play games and when the kids were old enough to see, boy were they unimpressed which is why now his kids are all grown, they have all moved to be closer to us and we are now proud grand parents with a huge extended family even though we have little kids of our own. His ex leads a very lonely existence on the otherside of the country and i can't say anything other than you reap what you sew.

Violet Said:

Outstanding student loans in Nova Scotia.?

We Answered:

When the loan is paid in full, they will stop calling you.

If it was a private loan through a bank rather than the old student loan program, you'd be fine. Unfortunately, they know where you live.

Tough luck.

Jerome Said:

Financial aid for college (in Canada)?

We Answered:

I had the same problem...couldn't get OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance) because of my parents income, but my parents couldn't afford to pay either
I was able to get a student line of credit from the bank...needed a co-signer, but it paid my way through university.

Shirley Said:

No one will hire me?

We Answered:

first, you should have had a job for years now, what in heck could have been so exciting about sitting naked on a beanbag eating cheetos and watching oprah and playing video games, i bet you wonder why your perpetually single...unless you lie to the girls and say your a starving artist, but dang, those girls got to be as dumb as a box of hammers, go to a fast food place and get a bathroom cleaning,and burger flipping job, suck it up you aint gonna get the chair at a fancy resturant when all you can afford is eating out of the dumpster behind the resturant, you shouldn't have screwed around on your life and stayed in school, in a few years ifd you aint lucky you'll be pleasuring guys for money for meth or crack, get off your butt and get the first job that you can actually get, ie janitor, fast food, yard care, or you can go hang with some pp at a home depot and get picked up for work with them.

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