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Ns Student Loan

Carlos Said:

How do I move out at by next year and succeed?

We Answered:

Why are you waiting until the next school year to move out? You should do it now.
It sounds like you have enough money saved up to be able to put down a deposit on a cheap apartment. Keep in mind that most leasing offices require that you have previous leasing history or else you will have to pay double the deposit, or get a co-signer. Also, you will have to put a deposit down with an electric company and water company, depending on what city you live in. The money that you have saved will not go very far. I would say it would cover about 4-5 months of living on your own. It would be cheaper to get a roommate or look on craigslist and see who has rooms for rent, that way you don't have to put down deposits and it saves you money.
You will need to atleast get a part time job as soon as you can if you plan on moving out.
Also, If you have taken out student loans for a University for a 4 year degree, when you have to start paying back those loans, you are going to be swamped in debt unless you get a good job right away which is unlikely with the economy still being not so good. Be prepared to have to default on your loans for a while.

Leroy Said:

$2.5 billion in health care bill for black colleges?

We Answered:

It is disgusting but what else would you expect from a bigoted President who sat in a racist Black Liberation Theology Church for 20 years listening to the Anti-White, Anti-American Rants of his Racist Friend, Mentor and Pastor Jeremiah Wright who married Barack + Michelle & baptized both of the Obama children.

I bet that when BHO went to college, he applied for Affirmative Action Grants & Privileges using the name of " Barack Hussein Obama " but when he pledged his college fraternity he probably used the name of " Barry O'Bama "

Theodore Said:

Canada student loans, can you earn too much?

We Answered:

look at the basic poverty level for your area, that might help yu decide, but apply for sure, you have a good credit rating-that should help

Norma Said:

Thinking of moving to the west....maybe even

We Answered:

Dogs adapt quite well.

Many airlines will fly dogs, but depending on the time of year, its difficult to find an airline that will fly due to weather concerns. Start researching each airline's pet policies.

Phillip Said:

How to react?

We Answered:

Your only reaction should be that you walk with your head held high, because you aren't asking anyone for money. Keep doing your best to pay your loans and improve your education so you too can have good money coming in. Just because your brothers get bonuses and have good jobs that you admire, doesn't mean they necessarily know how to budget their income. They could be living well beyond their means and owe more than they make! Learn from others mistakes, you know what it looks like from the outside, learn to budget well and you will never again have to rely on someone else to make ends meet. You can know that you accomplished this on your own, without their help. You CAN do it! Don't give up! Good Luck!=)

Eddie Said:

How do I move out at by next year and succeed?

We Answered:

I def. understand how you feel. I'm preparing to move down to FL with my boyfriend of 2 years because no one appreciates how much I do and sacrifice for my family, that's not my responsibility to do so. I also feel like it's time to live MY life and progress as a person.

My honest advice to you would be to try to find some sort of roommate (obviously you want to try to find a GOOD person though, not some shmuck) just to cut costs in half for you, make it easier.

Do you have a job right now or are you solely living off the loans? A side job, even just 2 days a week, could help out a lot also, if you don't already have one (if you do, ignore this haha).

Sit down, and make a budget for yourself. Notice how much food you eat, and how much it'd be for you to buy food. Search for apts. online. Figure out what you'd be paying in utilities (companies usually don't release this info, so you might have to ask someone personally how much they pay). How much you'd pay for transportation (since you have no car). How much do you spend on medications (if any) a week/month? How about a cell phone bill? Then hygiene things like toothpaste, shampoo/condition, body wash, etc... It all adds up FASTTTT!

Luckily for me, if my job couldn't support my share of things, my boyfriend has offered to take on more responsibility (which I wouldn't be ok with, but it's sweet of him to offer), or I could always move back home. I wouldn't want to do either, but...I had to accept that moving back home is a possibility. You may have to too. But regardless, you have to work as hard as humanly possible if you really want to do this now.

GOOD LUCK, and just take your time planning this. Think about it from all angles! Don't rush and forget about something silly!

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