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Obama Student Loans

Morris Said:

Republicans – Are Any Of You Against Obama’s Direct Student Loans?

We Answered:

That depends on whether it also discontinued the tax deduction given to employers who in the past paid for furthering the education of the employees. If it did, then it is a poor substitute. If not, it will lead to a lot of unpaid loans. If I'm not mistaken, this has been tried before with over half not paying their loans.

Nathan Said:

Has Obama offered student loans through government for little or no interest?

We Answered:

No. That is just a lie perpetrated through Obama's supporters. Those people will say anything to make that sorry sack of crap look good.

Alex Said:

Did President Obama make a law declaring student loans forgiven after 20 years?

We Answered:

well sort of... you have to work in a career field that is approved (for a long time) AND you have to keep paying on them while you work....

everything about it is in the back of this book... it's not really that spectacular a program really... it only forgives any reaming balance after you have paid on them for 10 years and since federal loans are put on a 10 year payment plan, this means you won't have any outstanding balance!!! LOL

Politicians wasting lots of money for policies that will never be used...…

even this dept of ed book says you won't likely have any loan balances forgiven unless you go on in income contingent payment plan.

Evelyn Said:

Why is Obama taking over student loans?

We Answered:

So the students can at least get a decent interest rate and so the Government can make some money for all the health care cost they are going to have to pay for that they do not have the money for.
I wish college was free for those who would keep at least a B average.

Doris Said:

I heard that Obama was thinking about forgiving student loans to those joining AmeriCorps. Any truth to that?

We Answered:

Under many Americorps programs you can receive an education allowance that you can use towards an existing loan, or towards future college/university expenses. The amount for full-time members was increased in 2010 from $4725 to $5350 or $5550 depending on what year the depending on what year your term of service is supported by (2010 or 2011.)

It may also be prorated for less than full time members, so half-time members could still receive half the award.…

Gertrude Said:

My friend told me that Obama paid off his student loans only last year is that true?

We Answered:

As far as I've heard, yes this is true. And Im not the least bit surprised.... school is expensive!! If your not someone who comes from a lot of money than your likely to fall victim to pricey loans. Obama was not born into a very wealthy family.... so scholarships and loans were really his only options

Alice Said:

Who is going to pay back their student loans now that Obama says we don't have to?

We Answered:

The taxpayers. However, there seem to be fewer and fewer of us everyday..

Stupid me paid as I went and didn't borrow..

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