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Oklahoma Student Loan Authority

Leon Said:

Do you know who La Raza is?

We Answered:

Yes a racist organization who gets our tax dollars to further their racist agenda also.

Here is a great video that shows how la raza disrespects the laws and shows their racism. It shows how they are breaking the law by aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Why is this not used in a court of law to prosecute them, I will never know.…

Marjorie Said:

Did they change the guidelines on Federal Stafford teacher loan cancellations since 2005?

We Answered:

Here's their web page from early 2005:…
and it says five consecutive years.


Do you know what the OSLA link is?

Rosemary Said:

What is your opinion on the 15 Things You Should Know About La Raza ?

We Answered:

True immigrants are people who move to the US in order to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that they cannot get elsewhere. They admire America and all that it stands for.

Groups like La Raza are bent on insurrection. They see the American Southwest as theirs, and America as an occupying power. They actually believe that America stole the most prosperous part of Mexico, rather than acknowledging that Texas and California are only prosperous because they are no longer part of Mexico.

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