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Online Student Loan Consolidation

Stanley Said:

Can I withdraw an online federal direct student loan consolidation application.?

We Answered:

The answer will depend on something that I can't predict, and that is whether or not the loan has already been disbursed. I'm going to guess that the Department of Education isn't quite efficient enough to have already disbursed a loan that you signed for on Friday, but in this age of electronic money transfers, who knows?

I would definitely recommend that you call the DOE very first thing on Monday morning, but all you can do right now is keep your fingers crossed.

Good luck to you - I hope it works out!

Myrtle Said:

student loan consolidation fraud advice?

We Answered:

Without offering any legal advice, you may have issues of "diminished capacity" - your wife was having seizures and not fully able to comprehend, and "fraud in the inducement"- misrepresentation by the man on the phone of what company he really worked for.

This is a great reminder of the important lesson, NEVER do anything "over the phone" tell them to put it in writing and mail it to you.

Anyway, if you did call to cancel, most states allow a three day recission period for you to change your mind. Contact your states Consumer Affairs department for advice.

Also, have you advised, in writing, the original holder of the loan of your problem and that you were tricked into the consolidation, that should get some results.

good luck.

Eugene Said:

School loan consolidation?

We Answered:

Have you looked up the laws and licensing for this kind of business? I'm not sure why you have to buy a website name from a broker. If you can better explain what you're trying to do or asking help on.

Cheryl Said:

Student loan consolidation?

We Answered:

Have you tried websites such as

You can get quotes from multiple lenders. I think you can get a much better rate that way. these big banks are always a pain to deal with.

I would give it a shot. Whats more...its free!

Louise Said:

Can you use a student debt consolidation loan for personal use?

We Answered:

Depending wich type of student loan consolidation. Private (finance companies) consolidations may accept to include personal debts in the loan.

Good luck !

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