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Ontario Student Loan

Barbara Said:

Collection agency is threatening to discontinue payment schedule and demand I get a loan. Can they do this?

We Answered:

As long as you are performong due diligence on your part they cannot force you to take a loan. This means that you make reasonable payments in a timely fashion. If they are refusing your payments ask for this refusal in writing. This will be enough for a judge to rule in your favor.

Javier Said:

What bank in ontario should i take a student loan from?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Ruben Said:

ontario student loan question!!!! please help answers?

We Answered:

if this is Ontario, need to scroll down to the Canadian flag and ask there..this is the US and we don't know..

oh..and btw..theres also an Ontario in CA (california, usa)

Tonya Said:

Can they stop me from traveling out of country because of outstanding student loan?

We Answered:

Absolutely yes they can! They wont give you a Pass-Port if you owe child support or student loans that are delinquent, and you are an American citizen.... Just new laws this Bush administration has put in place behind our American backs..... You have to read the fine print with these jokers!

Shawn Said:

How long does it usually take to pay off your whole student loan in Ontario, Canada?

We Answered:

It obviously depends on many factors, but most people I know take about 8 years to pay it off.

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