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Osap Student Loan

Gwendolyn Said:

osap student loan phone number please?

We Answered:

Sure the number is 1-877-OSAP-411 or 1-877-672-7411.

Sherry Said:

I want to get OSAP & a Bank Student Loan. Would having one of them affect the other?

We Answered:

OSAP primarily depends on how much your parents make. You should apply and get that first, and if you need more money then get a loan from the bank or a line of credit. I don't think the bank cares if you have OSAP as long as they think you'll be able to repay the loan.

Marilyn Said:

Canada Student Loan when you study at an international university?

We Answered:

Student loans that are issued by the Canadian government can only be obtained by students who live in Canada. In certain situations, some immigrants to Canada may be able to qualify for some of the many available Canadian student loans. Canadian students who are interested in continue their college studies abroad will also be able to qualify for a student loan from their home country.

How to Get a Loan

The Human Resources and Social Development of Canada is the government organization in Canada that handles student loans. Each Canadian province also has its own financial aid office.

Banks and other financial institutions in Canada also offer privately funded student loans. If you are interested in getting your student loan from a private source, be sure that you understand the details of the loan agreement before you sign it. Remember that private loans tend to be charged higher interest rates than most government loans.

Antonio Said:

Repaying Student loan (OSAP)?

We Answered:

It's going to take you about 2 years of ON TIME payments on your student loan before your scores will start to improve noticeably.

Kenneth Said:

What is the OSAP (student loan from ontario govt.) income cutoff?

We Answered:

Starting in 2006-07, Ontario is expanding eligibility for its Access Grants so they will also assist students from modest, middle-income families. If you are from a family with two children, your parents can earn up to $74,800 and you could still qualify for a grant.

More at:…

Adam Said:

If I pay off my OSAP (student loan) in full, can I reapply for one right away?

We Answered:

A really good one is,

And so far it's not blocked at school or work =)

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