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Pay Student Loan

Constance Said:

who pay student loan in divorce in ca?

We Answered:

Generally speaking, she'll be responsible for her studen loan debt and you'll be responsible for your debt. As far as the common credit card is concerned, you should pull the information now from the credit card companies with detailed billing to show the expenses.

Joe Said:

If I pay my student loan in full to a collection agency, what shows on my credit?

We Answered:

I would pay it in full but negotiate with them. Tell them I will only pay if you remove all negative data from my credit report. Get it in writing.

Miguel Said:

Can a student loan pay for housing, food, etc?

We Answered:

absolutely YES! The student loan is for anything school related and food and housing counts

Sean Said:

Better to pay off student loan debt or invest in a home?

We Answered:

As long as you both have (relatively) stable employment, buy a home and buy one you can afford while paying on your loans. After awhile your student loans will be paid off (AND you'll have equity in your house) to upgrade to a bigger one if you want.

Megan Said:

Is it better to pay off a student loan with 5% interest quickly and then invest in the stock market afterward?

We Answered:

Probably best to defer paying off the loan. This is due to the tax benefit you will get from paying off the interest. Effectively it will be like borrowing money at 3.5-4%, which would be nearly impossible from other sources. Assuming you have a steady and secure source of cash flow (a job), and the loans aren't horribly large, it is probably best to use them as a cheap source of financing for your investment portfolio.

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