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Paying Off Student Loans

Diane Said:

What would happen if I stopped paying off student loans?

We Answered:

Most of you that answered so far are idiots, if you have nothing intelligent to contribute then why post?

This is probably a private loan as foreign nationals dont qualify for federal student loans, so no government is going to come after you.
Also, for all of you screaming WHY DID U COME HERE THEN U DIRTY FOREIGNER... maybe he came here to study hoping he would be given an opportunity to stay here and work here, in which case he would be able to repay his loans. Maybe that fell through since it is 1000000x more difficult to immigrate to and work in the US legally than to jump the Mexican border and get some fake papers. Maybe he is not the border jumping kind and now he lives somewhere where he makes $500/month so how can he pay the loans back and eat at the same time?

Nobody will come after you, your US credit will be screwed that is all, and I'm willing to bet that the creditors would be glad to settle for just the principal amount should you call them at a future date and want to pay. They just want their money back and they gain nothing by screwing you over, certainly wont get their money. You should also consider calling them and trying to get payments/interest lowered, or consolidate the loan for lower interest and payments. Also, god will send you to hell LOL.

Seth Said:

I need some advice about paying off student loans?

We Answered:

The best way to pay off this debt is find the best paying job you can get with your degree and agressively tackle the student loan debt before you commit to buying a house a new car or that new set of golf clubs you've been dying to impress your buddies with. Live frugally, live in the smallest, least expensive domicile you can find conveniently located to your work, if close enough walk to work when weather permits. Rice and beans, and beans and rice. Don't dine out, always fix meals at your home and bring your lunch to work. If you need to purchase transportation to work then go with a five or six thousand dollar car and pay cash for it. Cut out any unnecessary expenses. Create an emergency fund and fund it between 1000 and 5000 dollars depending on what you can afford. Only use the money in the emergency fund for emergencies. Pay your bills every month and whats left over, write a check for your student loans. It will be tough at first but in a few years you will have them paid in full and then you can start building your dreams, looking at houses, cars and knowing you wont have that money going out for student loans, your credit will be good, and you will have learned to live on less which makes having more even sweeter.Good Luck.

Daisy Said:

Will i be denied entry clearance to the u.k if I'm still paying off student loans?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Kyle Said:

Paying off student loans where do I start?

We Answered:

Typically, you have 6 months after graduating to save up and find a job before the lenders will send you any bills. They'll send you a notice saying you'll have to start paying on X date. About 3 months before you start paying, you gather all loan info (lender, amount, etc) and choose who you want to go through. (I' through Sallie Mae) You might want to do the one who the majority of your loans are through. They'll send you papers about the process and you can call to start it, or go online.

Also, don't be afraid to talk with you parents about any quesions, or contact your school, they have people who can also help answer questions.

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