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Private Alternative Student Loans

Brandon Said:

Does anyone know where you can apply for an alternative/private student loan to use for living expenses?

We Answered:

Uh, Cute, my first question is why you would be looking for an alternative loan, rather than a government loan. I hope that your "school and tuition is paid for" with a Stafford, and that you're just using shorthand for "what else can I get?".

If you really do need an alternative loan, then the news is mostly good. All forms of financial aid, including educational loans, are intended to be used to pay for all of the so-called Costs of Attendance at a college or university.

Cost of Attendance is not limited to tuition and fees, but rather includes all of the additional direct costs of education, including books, school supplies, room and board, transportation and a modest personal spending allowance. Students who require childcare services to enable college attendance are permitted an additional allowance for those expenses, as well.

Upon loan approval, any private lender will lend you an amount equivalent to your "unmet need" - the difference between the estimated Cost of Attendance figure used by your school, and the money that you already have available to you. When you apply, the lender will ask your school to "certify" your unmet need, and that becomes the maximum amount that you can borrow.

As I suggested, your school will include allowances for books, room and board, child care, transportation and modest spending money in the amount that they would be willing to certify to the lender as "unmet need".

If you haven't completed the FAFSA, so that you can qualify for the far cheaper and much easier to qualify for (no cosigner necessary) government loans, that should be your first option. If you've already borrowed the maximum amount of Stafford funding available to you, you can approach any private lender that makes educational loans, as the expenses that you are trying to cover are a routine and qualified part of any student loan.

Good luck.

Nicholas Said:

Can you borrow multiple private/alternative student loans from different lenders during the same time period?

We Answered:

Yes. As long as you have been approved for all of them you can get as many as you want.

And the user who suggested that all your loans are paid off when you become a teacher, that is 100% false. If you teach for teach america, or you go into the peace corps your loan is cancelled. Other than that you still have to pay those loans off. You may qualify for scholarship programs or for certain programs that offer you money and cancel your loan, but there are no programs that outright cancel your loan.
Ask my friends who are elementary education teachers/majors and constantly worry about debt.

Earl Said:

im looking for private student loans to take out without a co signer?

We Answered:

Loans for students help the student to deal with all the expenses that are to be incurred during his education phase like it includes entire cost of the student’s education from tuition fees, accommodation, books, and computers to transportation and many more.…

Many Banks, financial institutions, online lenders etc are ready to offer the loans for students. But students considering their precious time and finds easy to via online as it provides easy access than other source. There are a large number of requirements other than college or course fees.

Some of the most crucial are computer expense, hostel charges, and books and so on. The best college student loans are one which comprises all such expenses. But, to qualify for any such one, you have to give it your best shot as far search is concerned. Such purpose can be accomplished by exploring World Wide Web. You will find an innumerable number of lenders offering college student loans.

Good Luck...

Deborah Said:

Private Student loans Repayment/Saving Options?

We Answered:

College is extremely expensive--and that's putting it mildly. Parents of incoming college freshman usually balk and cringe at how much tuition fees cost: any amount upwards of $30,000 per semester is definitely not an exaggeration. This is exactly why everyone has to come up with a way to make more money in order to pay for tuition as well as other expenses--and there will be more of those.

One way to ease the load of the college tuition fees is by taking out a private student loan. There are subsidized federal student loans, of course, which have the advantage of having a lower interest rate shouldered by the government up to six months after you have graduated, but some federal programs have not increased the allowed loan amounts since 1992, and won't be able to keep up with the current expenses.

Maurice Said:

What's the best type of private/alternative student loan for studying abroad?

We Answered:

you should check with the government, they offer scholarships or grants for low income students who wish to study abroad. Google government student aid or go to Good Luck

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