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Private College Loans

Alexander Said:

can anyone who is reading this help me get money for college. donation, private loans, whatever?

We Answered:

Are you concerned that bad credit will prevent you from going to college? While it is true that finding student loans with excellent interest rates is easier if you have a sterling credit rating, bad credit student loan aid is possible.

Bad credit student loans are also possible if your parents have better credit than you do. In this case, a PLUS loan, which is granted to parents and not to the student, might be the way to go.

Ryan Said:

what are the best private loans for college?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Lois Said:

Private loans for college?

We Answered:

Unfortunately since your husband is a professional making a 'significant amount of money' he will likely find little help through traditional sources such as government backed loans.

You're correct that you'll need to look into a private student loan to fund this. Generally you can get up to $40,000 a year for education and living expenses.if you qualify. Based on his credit score and income history qualifying shouldn't be a problem.

I'd suggest you try Student Loan Advisors at and request the deferred payment option. This way you won't need to start paying the loan back until 6 months after he leaves school. While he is in school you'll find the budget tight enough without having to deal with a student loan payment.

Kimberly Said:

Is there a safe/secure private lender for college loans that does not require a co-signer or a credit check?

We Answered:

Maybe you can try below website to get the information you need. It's about private student loans articles for your second opinion.

Shannon Said:

Where is the best place to consolidate private loans from college?

We Answered:

Nellie Mae has a private consolidation loan.…

It is a reputable company that has tons of experience in the student loan industry. I will warn you, a lot of "student loan" companies are questionable. Stick to the big ones so you dont get yourself in a bind. These programs are not federally regulated like FFELP loans are and you can be at the mercy of the lender.

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