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Private Student Loan Bad Credit

Constance Said:

Consolidate Private Student Loans with Bad Credit?

We Answered:

i go through chase for my stafford loan, and chase offers consolidation loans and stuff like that .

Christian Said:

any private student loan companies w. bad credit ?

We Answered:

Far as I know, private loans are based on credit. So I do not think there is one that gives to students with bad credit.

I suggest stafford loans.

Velma Said:

I need a private student loan but I have bad credit, and I am going to an online college.?

We Answered:

I am going through these guys...

Nathaniel Said:

I have bad credit and need a private student loan, I have a co-signer with excellent credit,?

We Answered:

You could try looking around Student Loan Network. There are a lot of resources there...

Pearl Said:

Private Student Loan, Bad Credit?

We Answered:


Instead of your dad cosigning your loan, a better option might be for him to apply for a Parents' PLUS loan.

Unlike the alternative (private) educational loans, the PLUS loan is offered with a fixed interest rate of 7.9 or 8.5%, which is far preferable to the variable rates on private loans.

If he has such excellent credit, it's almost a sure thing that he will be approved for the PLUS, because the lending criteria is more relaxed than for other types of educational loans.

Though the loan will be in his name, the two of you can work out an agreement - and you could even sign a contract with him - so that you'll make the payments when they become due.

Also, unlike the Sallie Mae loan that you're worried about, the borrower has the option of paying the interest as it becomes due, or deferring it until 6 months after the student leaves school.

For more information on the PLUS loan, you can visit the Department of Education page that explains the program here:… or you can ask at your school's financial aid office.

Good luck.

Kay Said:

Where can I get the best rate on a private student loan with low interest and bad credit?

We Answered:

I hope English is going to be your major.

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