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Private Student Loan Default

Clara Said:

If I have a citibank private student loan in default am I still able to get a pell grant each year for school?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Jackie Said:

Private Student Loan In Default!?

We Answered:

Can your husband talk to someone at his military installation to see if his service cancels out part of the loan? I know you said it was a private student loan, but on government student loans, merit is given to borrowers who serve in the military. Good luck to you and your husband.

Ruben Said:

I have a private student loan in default. Can I still get federal aid?

We Answered:

as long as it is not a Stafford or a Perkins loan, you should be good. A private student loan through a private bank is just like a car loan, or mortgage loan. You will be able to get your regular federal loans, and grants.

Carol Said:

can a private student loan default withold any upcoming finacial aid?

We Answered:

Yes, you can't get any type of financial aid with a defaulted student loan. Private or federal.

Kristin Said:

I defaulted on a private student loan in my youth. Will this affect my financial aid?

We Answered:

If your default is on a "student" loan (even a private one) yes, it will effect your future financial aid.

Sean Said:

Is it possible to make private student loan that has gone into default current?

We Answered:

You will have to go through the hardship program. But with that it will not be current until 6 months. That is because they will not take a payment that is less or more then the monthly payment. The only way to pay more on it would be to pay it off completely.

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