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Private Student Loan Lenders

Evelyn Said:

What Private Student loans lenders are not affected by the economy?

We Answered:

I wish a link below can solve your problem. I don't know how much exactly you need money for your study. But I found this site when I browsing on internet. They claim can give you $1500 by tomorrow. They just ask your name and email. And you get the money. I think it's take 2 minutes to solve your problem. They don't care about bad credit or credit history. All application accepted. Just try it. So once again hope it helps.

Robert Said:

Help choosing private student loan lender? Any experiences with these companies?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, "Happy's" answer is not correct. Private student loans are not similar to federal student loans, and should not be considered until you have exhausted all of your federal financial aid options. Private student loans will carry higher interest rates, and will not offer you as good of repayment options as federal student loans will. Do not look into any of these lender until you have filed a FAFSA. After you have done that, then it is really about what private loan offers you the best deal, questions you will want to find out from each lender:

What is the lowest interest rate and fee combination that you offer? How can I get that rate? Is the rate only for a limited period (an introductory rate), or for the duration of the loan?

If the interest rate you are offering is variable, is there a limit on how high the rate can go? How often is the interest rate adjusted, and how is it determined?

What rate can I get on a fixed-rate loan?

How long will I be repaying the loan? Is there any penalty for paying off the loan early?

When do I have to start making payments?
How long can I defer payments while I’m in school? What if I go to graduate school after my bachelor’s degree? How often do you capitalize the interest? If I do not make payments while in school, how much will I owe when I do start making payments?

Will I lose my on-time-payment discount with just one late payment or if I ask for a change in the payment schedule? What proportion of your borrowers actually get the discounts you offer?

Are your discounts guaranteed, or are they subject to change later?

If I have difficulty making payments (“economic hardship”), do you allow me to defer or reduce my payments temporarily? Under what circumstances, and for how long?

How much can I borrow without reducing my eligibility for federal, state, or institutional aid?

Wanda Said:

Are There Any (Student) Private Loan Lenders Available Anymore?

We Answered:

A LOT of private loan companies quit doing loans. The biggest one is Sallie Mae, and they are still offering loans, along with Citibank, Chase and Discover. A full list of what I think is all companies that do private loans can be found here:…

Carol Said:

Which private student loan lender should i use?

We Answered:

There is no such thing as a private loan that is sent directly to you. They will all go to your school first and after your tuition and fees are paid they will send the excess.

Private loans are evil and should be avoided at all costs. You WILL need a credit worthy cosigner to get a private student loan.

Susan Said:

Does anyone know where i can get a private student loan?

We Answered:

Sallie Mae

Dustin Said:

Can someone suggest some low-interest private student loan lenders that would disburse the funds to me?

We Answered:

If you have a good repayment plan, you can ask for a loan at your credit union or Prosper. People may help you. More information at… and

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