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Private Student Loan Without Cosigner

Steven Said:

What are my chances of being unemployed and having a $15,000 private student loan approved without a cosigner?

We Answered:

Pretty darn good. Watch out though, if your total loan amount exceeds what your school determines to be the maximum amount, they'll cancel your private loan without you being told.

Terry Said:

Where can I get a private student loan without cosigner?

We Answered:

Unfortunately it will not be possible to get a private loan without either good credit or a co-signer. Banks have to have some assurance that you will default, which you have none, and the requirements have gotten stiffer because so many people are not repaying their loans. So it is simply impossibly. Call the financial aid office at the school to see if there are any other options. But this is simply the problem with high-tuition schools: you can only get a certain amount a year in loans, and it is capped fairly low. So without a co-signer you will have to attend a University that charges lower tuition, at least until you can build up better grades and get school/departmental scholarships. Each year you are eligible for a higher amount of loan funding, so this can help with transferring as well. I am sorry that this is not what you wanted to hear, but you literally have no other options, banks will not lend to you.

Lydia Said:

Need a Private Student Loan without a cosigner?

We Answered:

Try calling Sallie Mae, they got me a loan without a cosigner last year. Hopefully I can get one too for this year. Also check if anyone in the financial aid office has any leads.

Maria Said:

Can I take out a private student loan without a cosigner with no credit?

We Answered:

What I think you are asking is will just paying off the interest while you are in school this semester give you a good enough credit score for next semester's loans on your own.

The answer is no. That is not a long enough time to establish credit and paying off a few months interest (not even full payments) on a 20 year loan won't make it.

I assume that your parents are not interested in a PLUS loan? That is a shame because now they can be deferred until after graduation also.

You could try applying for peer to peer loans. They are a type of private loan. Two main companies that do them are Fynanz and GreenNote.

Lisa Said:

Possible to get private student loan without cosigner?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

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