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Quebec Student Loans

Veronica Said:

I'm 18 and live in Quebec, Canada. If my dad kicks me out, am I on my own?

We Answered:

Here's the deal...
I fully understand your condition and you have two choices: fight your dad and risk what you have OR pretend to accept his rules until you don't need him anymore.

Pay attention to this: one thing is the way things SHOULD be. Another thing is the way thing ARE.

Os course your father SHOULD never kick you out. But being (perhaps) blinded by his own position, probably he will do the wrong thing without knowing. That's the way things are.

If he cannot understand this, my advice to you is: be pragmatic. Be practical. Be realistic. Say you are sorry, go to church with him and wait until you are fully independent until you break free.

Then break free. For real.

Viola Said:

Process for student loan for newcomer to canada as permanent resident?

We Answered:

You have to live in the province for twelve months.

Sean Said:

Which student Laptop to buy on a 2000$ Quebec Student Financial Aid?

We Answered:

I like the red one the best but I will look for others! :) MACS SUCK!! DO NOT GET A MAC!!!

Tommy Said:

Quebec Student Aid dilemma..?? Please Read Details?

We Answered:

You need to speak with someone in McGill Student Aid about this.

First, I believe that when you transfer out of the province, any funds you are receiving will stop if payments were given to you in installments. The Ministry of Education for Quebec will not pay your bills while you are in BC....That's the BC education ministry's job.

Since you are going to continue your education elsewhere, I do not believe that your Quebec student loan will immediately become due, unless they gave you a one payment lump sum, and suddenly after 2-3 months you leave the province taking the money with you.

And will it affect how much you can obtain from BC? That I have no idea, but it is entirely possible, especially if you have to disclose your finances to them to qualify for the loan in BC. I would expect that they will be able to see how much you have on outstanding loans along with any declared income. If Quebec gave you $20K loan for schooling, then you move to BC and apply for $20K from them, they may say "What is going on here?".

But for the most accurate information, I would strongly recommend you review your situation with one of the counselors in Student Aid, as they can be very helpful. I have attached the link below for their address, email and phone number.

Terry Said:

Alberta Student Loan in Canada?

We Answered:

You first check the Alberta student loan website and see if the school in Quebec is approved for Alberta student loans. If it is, then you just apply -- although you may have to do a paper app instead of an online one because the school is out of province.

If the school in Quebec is not approved for Alberta student loans, you can contact them and ask them to assist you in getting them approved for Alberta student loans. If they are already approved for Quebec student loans, then the approval process does not take that long. Just make sure that you get them approved before you apply because many provinces will not fund if the school has not been approved BEFORE you make your application for funding.

If you cannot get Alberta student loans you would still be eligible for the federal portion of the loan but it isn't very much -- about $250/week.

Clarence Said:

I want to move to Ottawa/Hull from Montreal to study. What do I do?

We Answered:

Your question implies that you're currently in Quebec in which case as an undergraduate you'd be dealing with a CEGEP (2 years) plus university (3 years) whereas in Ontario the equivalent is a 4 year university program.
More importantly, Hull/Gatineau is in Quebec anyway so I'm not sure what Ontario has to do with it.
If you actually live outside Canada, you'll need to start by getting a student visa.
Maybe you should start by calling student services or see a guidance counsellor. Good luck.

Bessie Said:

Studying in Quebec, Living in Ontario, whats the impact on my residency status?

We Answered:

The cost of attending university will surely go up, and you will not be able to make use of any services provided by the Québec government to its residents. You will have to seek financial aid, etc. from the Ontario government from now on.
Don't forget to apply for an Ontario health card (OHIP) and driver's license.

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