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Repay Student Loan

Nancy Said:

I need to repay a student loan. My husband is claiming me on his taxes Can they hold his refund because of me?

We Answered:

Well your husband is not claiming you, you are probably filing Married Filing Jointly. If you are in default of a Student Loan they can apply the Refund Check to the default. However, your husband can file an Injured Spouse Petition and he would be able to get his portion of the refund back. How much he would get allocated back could be dependent on your state.

Josephine Said:

Can I repay a student loan in full once I have graduated?

We Answered:

yes you can and even if you start paying installments you can pay it off at any time. It is cheaper to pay it off and not pay so much interest.
After I graduated i got my papers and it said pay off X amount installment x amount a month for 20 years and you wend up paying Y amount

Bigger question if you can pay it off why did you take a loan to start with

Norma Said:

do u still have to repay a student loan if you've been declared bankrupt?

We Answered:

The student loan and bankruptcy is an interesting topic. Bankruptcy is one way of dealing with debts we cannot afford to repay, however, since 1 September 2004 a loophole was closed making the student loan non-provable in bankruptcy. Essentially this means that any outstanding student loan cannot be claimed in bankruptcy and it remains the responsibility of the former student to repay

Full explanation in link below

Rose Said:

Do you have to repay student loan if?

We Answered:

you cant run away from it mate...

you have to repay it dawg...

or else we ll all run and become citizens of somewhere else...

you even have to repay it if you declare bankcrupt let alone change your citizenships...

the govt are like spies..they will sniff you out and make your employers take it out of your wages

Heather Said:

Trying to repay student loan, are there any programs that could assist with payment?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Hector Said:

Will I have to repay my Student Loan if I withdraw from the course AND earn less than £10K a year?

We Answered:

Yes, you already promised to pay it no matter what by signing the loan.

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