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Repay Student Loans

Ramon Said:

whats the worst that can happen if you dont repay student loans back?

We Answered:

I am pretty sure that they can take your tax check. Also, student loans are NOT dischargeable under Chapter 7 bankruptcy!

Jordan Said:

Repay student loans when on carers allowance?

We Answered:

unfortuantly, student loan paybacks start a few months after you complete school, reguardless of your employment situation. If you owed more then 500$(pounds), then you could request a hardship request, but if the balance is that low, they probably wouldnt care, but wouldnt hurt I guess., A hardship request should put your payments on hold for 6 months at which time you would have to apply for another if needed, but during this time interest on the loan will still accrue on the bill. I recommend to keep paying, but only you can make that decision..

Ray Said:

Can the US force me to repay student loans from another country?

We Answered:

i'd ask the folks who you borrowed money from, however i think it is irresponsible to default on your loan...i'm sure you can afford to pay something...$50 or less

Brittany Said:

Can SSDI be garnished if unable to repay student loans?

We Answered:

Yes, definitely. I looked into this for myself. If you default on your loan, your SSD can be garnished at 15% per month to a maximum of some amount. Five years is not too long a period since graduation and you either you will recover and go to work and make your payments, or you can file for a discharge of the debt due to permanent disability. While that is being processed you should file one of several types of deferments every year, that are listed on the paperwork from Sallie Mae or your loan guarantor, whoever has your account. The debt discharge due to permanent disability is a lengthy process. After it is conditionally approved, they wait 3 more years to give you a final discharge.

Billy Said:

how long do i have to repay my student loans?

We Answered:

If you consolidate your Stafford loans (get one new consolidation loan to pay off all your individual Stafford loans), you can extend the payments for longer than 10 yrs...depending on your loan balance and the repayment plan you choose. This will give you the cushion of a lower monthly payment, but remember, if you only pay the minimum each month, you will end up paying more interest over the life of the loan (just like a credit card).

Here's more info on student loan consolidation, including an FAQ and a calculator so you can see what your payments might be.…

Jeremy Said:

Best way to repay student loans?

We Answered:

No, it is better to put the extra $$ towards the unsubsidized.

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