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Small Student Loans

Bill Said:

I have a small student loan. Will my credit score improve if I pay it off, or will it remain the same?

We Answered:

You can use this credit monitoring service to pre-estimate future scores for different scenarios of such payments -

Tracy Said:

Will paying small amounts on my student loans before they are due help my credit score?

We Answered:

No it won't help your credit score, but it is a good idea.

Ellen Said:

Where can I find a small student expenses loan with bad credit?

We Answered:

some financial companie may help you :…

Elmer Said:

How does taking out student loans affect your credit?

We Answered:

Your debt to credit ratio will be higher due to the student loans but if you continue to pay on time for everything, you shouldn't see a significant change in your credit rating. And I disagree that debt is debt. Many would consider student loans an investment. YOU are the collateral for that student loan. So I think in general they are much better than other kinds of debt.

Alfredo Said:

How will paying off a small (5K) student loan affect my credit?

We Answered:

It may help a bit.

But the best way to improve your credit score:

1. Get a copy of your credit report (look for any mistakes)…

2. Pay on time and don't get behind.

3. Reduce the % of debt you have on all your accounts.

Example: You have a $1,000 credit card and you have charged up to $800 on it. And a personal loan for $500. It would be better to pay $500 on this card and reduce your % to 30 then take your student loan of $5,000 and pay it off so that this 1 account is at 0%.

4. Reduce the # of accounts/loans that you apply for each year to under 5.

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