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Stafford Student Loans

Jerry Said:

Consequences receiving stafford student loans with pending bankruptcy?

We Answered:

Unlike credit card debt and mortgages, which can be canceled if you file for bankruptcy, education loans of all types must be paid. Most bankruptcy courts will not cancel them unless your situation is extremely dire.

With that information in mind, the loan should not effect your bankruptcy. If the loan has already been offered to you, then filing for bankruptcy should not effect your ability to get a loan.

Hope this helps. It might be wise to take this question to the attorney handling your bankruptcy. You're already paying him or her (I assume) they might as well answer some questions.

Roberta Said:

Are there any programs out there to pay off Stafford student loans?

We Answered:

If you are truly not making enough money you can continue to defer you loans due to financial hardship. Call them up or check out their website.

Eddie Said:

What student loans are available to me other than Stafford Loans?

We Answered:

You have come to the right person. I have around $45,000 in students and the loan is growing. My credit score is only around 580, which is not very good either. I dealt with Sallie Mae but you can also call different lenders like Collegiate Solutions just to need the many lenders put there that will help you out with tuition. When I mean many, I do mean many, lenders out there that will help. Contact you financial aid office at your college and they will have a list of lenders that could help you.

When you do graduate from school, you will be peppered with phone calls from the hundreds of lenders wanting you to consolidate your loans with them, regardless of your credit history. They can be irritating as hell because they don't know how to take "I have already consolidated my loans" for an answer.

Isaac Said:

Do federal Stafford student loans affect ones FICO credit score?

We Answered:

yes Stafford student loans do affect your fico scores. Just like PJ said the more debt you accumulate, and not paying off (in your case deferment status) the credit bureaus analyze this has high risk because too many open accounts with high balances currently not being taken care of. Your best bet is, if possible, is to start paying the student loans that have the lowest balances at this time. Remember any open accounts that you have under your name are reported to the credit bureaus every 30 days. hope this helps!

Donald Said:

Can I use Student Stafford Loans to pay on private student loans?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

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