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Student Auto Loans

Holly Said:

Someone asked me to cosign on an auto loan, but I have student loans and fair credit(620), will I get denied?

We Answered:

if your unable to pay your own loans why would you sign for someone else's
that doesn't make too much sense

Gwendolyn Said:

What are some legit student auto loans?

We Answered:

Students are treated exactly the same as any other borrower. Go into your local bank or credit union. You can get a loan. They only want to know that you have the willingness and the ability to pay them back. YOu are obviously willing. Now you have to prove that you have a way of paying the payments.
You don't have to have a job if you have a large bank account that can be used to make the payments. But most students must get a job that earns enuf to cover the payment.
You can buy a car today.

Jessie Said:

Who gives the best student auto loans?

We Answered:

Your parents???

Casey Said:

What effects could voluntary auto repo have on student loans chances?

We Answered:

I had really crappy credit and was able to get a student loan.
Student loans aren't the same as bank loans, you fill them out along with your federal grant application and they base the award on factors like what year you are in, if you've progressed since the last loan (so you can't be a freshman for five years), if you're making acceptable grades (C average) and your need.

Sign up for everything, grants, work study and loans so the loans will be the smallest award since the others will cover the rest of it - and you will have less debt in the end.

And turn your car in and cut your losses.

Dale Said:

Do student loans affect your approval for personal and auto loans?

We Answered:

It could if you are required to start making payments before the personal and auto loans are paid off. It depends upon your income and your ability to service the debts.

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