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Student Bank Loan

Robert Said:

Would it be a good idea to pay off my student loans with a bank loan?

We Answered:

A bank loan's interest rate should be higher than that of your student loans, and its terms less forgiving. For example, there's no such thing as a deferment or forbearance on a bank loan. And if you're facing so much financial difficulty that you're unable to pay off student loans/have to be in forbearance for them, it's unlikely you'd qualify for most bank loans.

So try to work things out with Sallie Mae. If you can afford to pay a certain amount per month, talk to them about your options for bringing your monthly payments down to that level. If not, then apply for the forbearance again.

Dianne Said:

What are the exact steps for getting a private bank student loan?

We Answered:

I found a website where they have alot of great info about student loans. Many of my friends use this site and have got great success. the best thing is a lot of the sites u can compare to get the best offer, be sure to check this out…it will help you!

Wallace Said:

Which is the best bank to take out a personal loan/student loan?

We Answered:

Seek out your financial aid advisor at school. He/She will be able to provide you with options such as Stafford loans which you can take out and not pay back as long as you are at least part time in school. You also will not have to pay interest. The other loans you will have to pay interest. I like HSBC and Washington Mutual. Please know that every one has their favorities and thusly will tell you to stay away from the bank "they" did not like. It is all subjective. Good luck

Becky Said:

Which nationalize bank provide student loan at the lowest rate for further study in foreign country?

We Answered:

PETTI MICRO FINANCE INT. (LOAN OFFER AT 5% INTEREST RATE) We offer Loans to individuals, Firms and cooperate bodies at 5% interest rate per annual, The Minimum amount you can borrow is $2,000.00 US Dollars to Maximum of $10.Million. Please, provide the following:
1. Name Of Applicant:.......
2. Age:......................
3. Location:.................
4. Amount Needed........
5. Duration:.................
6. Phone Number.............
7. Fax Number...............
8. Address...............
9. Occupation:...............
13.Post Code:.........................
14.Monthly Payment:
You can contact me today if you are interested in getting a loan in
this company, contact me for more information about the loan process,
process like the loan terms and conditions and how the loan will be
transferred to you. I need your urgent response if you are
Contact Sincerely,

Shirley Said:

When applying for FAFSA or a private bank student loan do you have to be already enrolled in the college?

We Answered:

Students and parents who must deal with the high cost of a college education have available to them a wide range of student loans. This article offers details on three general types of student loans. Unlike other student loans, application for a specific Stafford Loan should be preceded by the filing of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA application should be made in the name of the aspiring student.

Like some other student loans, application for the Signature Loan permits the use of a co-signer. In fact, there is a real advantage to applying for a Signature Loan with a co-signer.

Sherri Said:

Does a student loan and a bank loan affect your credit the same way?

We Answered:

doesnt matter....they're both 'installment' loans on your credit report. i wouldnt take a bank loan because MOST LIKELY the interest isnt tax deductible like the student loan.

i would advise to have 2-3 credits...2 installment loans....can be student loan, auto loan or other loan...and a MORTGAGE!
make sure you keep low balances are on revolving accounts...and you should be go to go.

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