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Student Bank Loans

James Said:

Student bank loans?

We Answered:

How's your credit? You'll probably need one of you parents to cosign a loan for you. The company I represent,, lets you apply with 6 different lenders using one application. The idea is that since up to 6 banks are competing for your business, you're more likely to get approved (and get a decent rate). How soon do you need the money? I don't know the specifics about how fast TuitionBids is, but I doubt it takes longer than typical banks. You can fill out the application online here:…

I hope everything works out for you!

Alex Said:

How long before starting college should go talk to my bank about student loans?

We Answered:

Have you tried federal loans first? Before you go to the bank fill out the FAFSA and apply for federal student loans. You also might qualify for federal grant money, but that depends on your income.

Morris Said:

What are the benefits of US Bank Student Loans?

We Answered:

Yes it is, few days ago a i saw a site about all student loans issues i got a lot of information from it.

Tamara Said:

Have student bank loans been compromised?

We Answered:

No, at the rate we are going in a few years you will only need to pay taxes and the government will take care of the rest of the "details"....of course taxes will be a cool 75% for the few of us that do have jobs but we will finally have that socialist utopia we have all dreamed of instead of this cursed free market democratic society that has been holding us back all of these years.

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