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Student Car Loan

Francis Said:

Where can I find a car student loan?

We Answered:

no but try a church they can ask the perish
another way is as a place that accepts car donation

Ralph Said:

Can I buy a nice car with a student loan?

We Answered:

Student loans are paid out directly to the school so you cannot go out and buy a car with the money.

Besides, student loans are often repaid over a period of 20 years. Do you want to be paying for this car that long.

Gladys Said:

Which should I try to pay off first: car or student loan?

We Answered:

Assuming that there is no penalty for paying off your car note early you may be better off paying that down first. Paying down the principal on your car note will save you more money in the long run because that is interest you can't get back.

The interest you are paying on your student loan is tax deductible if you are no longer a dependent. Because this interest helps to offset your tax burden (meaning more money in your pocket and not the governments) it isn't as painful of a debt for you to payoff.

Eugene Said:

what is the best way to consolidate a student loan and a car loan?

We Answered:

Student loans cannot usually be consolidated with a car loan. Not even credit repair or credit counseling agencies recommend or offer that kind of choice to my knowledge. If you have multiple student loans over a period of several years, you can usually consolidate all of THEM into a lower interest rate (especially if they are from the same lender), but it will not affect your car loan and I would not recommend tying them together.

If your credit has improved and you have at least 6 months to a year of regular car payments (with no late payments or missed payments), you should see if you can get a better interest rate re-financing your car. Check with other local lenders to see what they could offer - but be aware that each time your credit is searched by a lender, it acts to reduce your credit score a little.

Joe Said:

is it possible for me to get approved for a student loan and car loan with very very very bad credit?

We Answered:

sure you could may have to pay a higher % rate for the loans good luck to you

Lena Said:

Is there a way to group my car loan and student loan into a new home mortgage?

We Answered:

Not on the mortgage. A mortgage has to be secured by real property. If you have sufficient equity you could get an equity line to cover your other loans and receive a tax benefit

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