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Student Car Loans

Tommy Said:

My student loans will start 3 months before my car is paid off... How can I budget for that?

We Answered:

I believe you can defer your student loan for a couple of months without being should look into that...otherwise gotta get a 2nd job while you owe on your car....or just dont spend any money anywhere else for the 3 months...hey it can be fun finding free things to do....

Renee Said:

Are there any debt relief agencies that help with secured debt. Such as car loans and student loans?

We Answered:

creditinfocenter com

Federal Trade Commission website also for Consolidation
Company and what to watch out for.

Casey Said:

Why are student loans and car debt part of the "no banker left behind" bailout?

We Answered:

Obviously, you really don't understand what is going on??? The only reason there is a need to "bail out" anyone is because good standing business's are unable to borrow money (to pay salaries to their employees who already have put in the time), students are unable to borrow money (for GSL) or may not get their money they were guaranteed in a timely manner, people may lose their 401K's or at least not be bale to access them anytime soon if this deal doesn't happen soon.

Chris I

Janice Said:

Can I use a mortgage loan to pay debts (student loans, car, etc.) and place a down payment on a home?

We Answered:

I am a mortgage banker (not broker, big difference) there are a ton of things that we can do to pay off you debts using your home equity please feel free to email me and questions that you may have.

Amy Said:

Can I get student loans for car payments?

We Answered:

I think student loans are for schooling not to purchase cars.

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