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Student College Loans

Thomas Said:

Is it harder to get student loans for college with the economic crisis that we are in?

We Answered:

No, not really. Federal loans are available. You'll likely have no problem obtaining a private loan provided you apply with a credit-worthy cosigner if you're credit is not up to par.

Carl Said:

Is there any way i can get student loans for college even though im not a resident?

We Answered:

The abilty to qualify for federal loans has nothing to do with residency.

The federal Stafford loan is available to any student attending an accredited place of higher learning. The first step is to fill out a FAFSA, which you can do online. If you aren't rich (and it's clear you aren't), you'll qualify for subsidized Stafford loans, but I'm pretty sure anyone can get unsubsidized Stafford loans (the difference between the two is when and how much interest you pay). There are maximums as to how much you can borrow, but they were recently raised (great, more idiots can get deeper in debt for ever-meaningless pieces of paper).

If you have a lot of financial need, you might get a Pell grant (as much as 4 grand) and even a Supplemental grant (which is tricky and complicated and reserved for the very poor and require generous institutions because they have to foot some of the bill).

Also, petition your school for institutional (from the school) aid--it's essentially an appeal to the school to cut the sticker price for you. To earn this, you have to give them every reason to believe you'll graduate so they can make 4 years of money off you.

Having said all this, debt kills dreams and college degrees are worth less everyday. A degree from a 2nd tier institution opens the door to lower middle class medicority.

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