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Student Credit Cards

Andy Said:

Where do I find student credit cards?

We Answered:

Go to, choose the Credit Cards tab. Under "Compare Credit Card Rates, click on Select by credit card type <search>. On the right, choose the credit card type - Student Card -<update> and compare the cards to see which is best for you. There is a Calculators button on the blue line above the tabs. From there you can play around with balances and how much interest you would pay if you charge a lot but only pay the minimum.

Also, please go to, click on Credit Education. Read all you can, because what you don't know CAN hurt you.

You are also entitled by law to a free credit report once a year from EACH of the three major credit bureaus. I recommend you check each bureau once a year, a different one every four months. The only site to get a totally free credit report is

I'm a parent who went back to college. In my Speech class, I decided to give a speech about credit, since most of the students were college kids and need to know this information. And there was even one lady in her 30's who didn't know some of what I spoke about, such as being careful about closing cards you don't use any more and how it can affect your FICO score. Educate yourself about this topic and you'll be ahead of the game. Good luck!

Josephine Said:

Have student credit cards been affected by the credit crunch?

We Answered:

I just read that they are only slashing limits and increasing rates if you are at high risk.
This is a fact that was on there:
For those that are paying their bills in full each month, rates and limits are not being changed.
Only those that almost max out or pay late are being hurt.
For top credit either pay your bill in full each month.
Or make sure you never use more than 30% of your available credit.

Tracy Said:

What are some name of credit cards that give student credit cards?

We Answered:

You can find a complete list of student credit cards here:…

Generally, your credit limit will start out small (anywhere from $300-$1500). After you've built some credit history, the credit card company will often raise your limit. Just make sure you make regular, on-time payments.

Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!

Nancy Said:

What student credit cards will approve no credit?

We Answered:

a prepaid or a secured card is all you'll get.

Katherine Said:

Got approve for 2 student credit cards, can i cancel one or keep both credit cards?

We Answered:

It is really your choice. You may want to use each credit card for a different purpose. It really all depends on you. Personally, I wouldn't find a point in two credit cards. You have to double check, because some credit card companies are sneaky and may have a clause that if you do not use the card for so how long then you get charged for it, but I believe they made a law to stop that; however you can never be too careful. Make sure there is no cancellation fee or annual fee of any kind, too.

Philip Said:

What is the purpose of student credit cards?

We Answered:

Student credit cards offer students with little or no income the opportunity to prove their creditworthiness. They tend to have higher interest rates than standard credit cards since students pose a higher risk of default. But the credit card companies want to gain loyal customers early-- and see college students as a great opportunity.

Many BIG issuers have gotten into the 'student credit card' game. To see a complete list, visit:…

When you decide to upgrade to a 'regular' credit card after school-- don't worry too much about closing the old account. Although it will have a slightly negative impact-- it's only short-term.

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