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Student Loan Application Form

Gail Said:

FAFSA Student Loan Application: Living with parents again. Include their wages on form or don't?

We Answered:

The fafsa application will not ask for bankruptcy information and you do not need to include your parents information because you are an independent student. You will only need your income information (tax information from 2009) and liquid asset information. Financial aid will be determined by your income from the previous year... not your current income.

Kirk Said:

can you send student Loan application form without student bank account as I havent picked which bank to choos?

We Answered:

No. You have to put bank account details down.

However if you want to get your application in quickly you can just put an existing account you hold now, and then the money will be paid into that but will give you time to get a student bank account and then when you get your payments you can just transfer it.

I can recommend the HSBC student account!

Sam Said:

Do I need to put down tax credit amount on student loans application?

We Answered:

Why would you trust anyone for a answer here when it could mean losing the money for your education. Call your financial counselor at your school and get the correct answer. Alot of people here will lead you down the wrong path. PICK UP THE PHONE.

Pedro Said:

Student finance (loan) application form help?

We Answered:

If you have been on benefits and work since leaving school you will be treated as independent. Your application will not be based on your parents income. You will need to prove that you have self-supported yourself for 3 years before the start of your course.

Income support is not counted as income before you start your course.

Yes, you should tell Job Centre Plus in September because that's when you will get your first loan instalment. If you stay on benefits, your student loan will be taken as income towards benefits.

Cindy Said:

Student loans application?? 10 points for best answer!!?

We Answered:

Do you mean they have sent your application back to you? Is there something missing from the form? Or it's just a summary of what you submitted?

SFE is Student Finance England I believe, which is their new name since they decided to see just how much of a mess they could make of it all...

I presume they are processing your application. It can take up to 8 weeks (in my experience, more like 4 months...).

Ring them- but be aware you'll be waiting up to half an hour for them to answer.
You can also access your account online to see the status; will tell you if it's being processed, also payment dates when they appear etc.

Applying late won't make too much of a difference; their whole system is a shambles and has been for quite some time, not just this year. I applied well before the deadline in June- still haven't had a penny this term from them yet.

Your uni/college should have a student financial advisor, who will be able to help you chase it up and help if you're running out of money for essentials.

Good luck!

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