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Student Loan Apply

Roberto Said:

When to apply for a student loan?

We Answered:

I can't remember if they ask you for your school of school. However, if you know that you will need money for school don't wait until too late. How long do you have until you will know? If you will know by the end of May then you are okay because you can apply through the school for a loan and generally it does not take long. Depending on the loan (Stafford) then you can go on that website and apply, but again it just depends. You should, however, try to decide where it is you would like to go so that you can apply for the loan as soon as you get your financial aid taken care of. If you are in the United States and have applied for FAFSA then it should not take to long and you can list up to six schools on that form. Just make sure that whatever school you choose to go to you check with the financial aid department to make sure that your paperwork is coming along and finalized at least a month before school begins. Some schools will wait until the last minute to let you know that you need additional paperwork or whatever and then want you to rush to get it done. Plus, it is nice to have your financial aid done before school starts because then you can register early and get your supplies early so that you can review them before classes start. Hope this helps you out and good luck with school.

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