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Student Loan Assistance

Dana Said:

Does Nancy Pelosi understand the difference between a student loan and marxist health care?

We Answered:

I doubt she understand the difference between shite and shinola

Terrence Said:

I owe an old student loan and i want to go back to school how can i get financial assistance?

We Answered:

You cant get financial aid with a defaulted loan. You do have some options however. All of them involve paying on the loans.

You can pay the loan in full.
You can hope your income tax returns being seized and wage garnishments pay off the loan quickly, but not a very pleasant option.
You can make 6 to 9 reasonable and on time payments to have your loan "rehabilitated". After this time frame your OLD defaulted loan will be paid off and you will be issued a new loan for the remaining balance. Since you are no longer in default, you CAN get financial aid again.

Tracy Said:

Student Loan Assistance Needed?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Courtney Said:

Student Loan Assistance! HELP!?

We Answered:

First off, you don't "withdraw" a loan.

Withdrawing indicates you have money in an account somewhere that is yours already and this is simply not the case for student loans. You "take out" or "apply" for a student loan. You are "borrowing" the money.... NOT withdrawing something that is already yours.

Yes, you can use loan money for housing. It is a LOAN, meaning you have to repay it. You can use it for whatever the heck you want! Again, you must repay it... and you can't exactly be a successful college student if you are homeless (for rent, dorm) or naked (for clothes) or starving (for food or on campus meal plans) or books (supplies) or can't access other misc items and services (transportation, computer, internet, eyeglasses, insurance, etc.).

Second, IF THIS IS A FEDERAL LOAN (by doing a fafsa)
You are misreading the MPN. People get scholarships or have family members pay for their tuition costs ALL THE TIME. They then can then use excess funds (student loan or grant or work study money) to pay for other things like off campus housing or books pretty much anything I mentioned and more.

"Am I allowed to use my loan for housing?"
Yes, but any loan and other financial aid you get won't be available to you until at least four weeks AFTER school has already started, so you will need to plan accordingly. I did this... and used my OWN money from my job housing and utility deposits and first few months rent.

"I am just really confused on whether or not I am going to have to withdraw my loan from the school I will be attending, or if I can go ahead and pull a loan from the school I am currently attending??"

I have no idea why you are talking about "withdrawing" from your school. If you withdraw from school you can't graduate and you can't get financial aid to attend. WTF? If you are talking about "TRANSFERRING" from one college to another, then you need to be sure you get your financial aid set up to get it from the school you are attending AT THAT TIME. So if you are a college student at University A (NOW) but plan on transferring to University B (IN THE FALL) and will need a loan for the Fall then you need to go through University B to get your loan for that semester (not University A where you are now and WON"T be attending in the fall) that you will need it.

Keep in mind you CAN get a loan from University A NOW (if you are a current student there) AND you can also get another loan from University B (when you will be a student there in the fall).

I hope this helps, this question gives me a headache.

" Is there a way to notify them that I changed schools after the loan so that I don't have to repay them as soon as i transfer; thus causing me to be in a very great debt??
you will need to contact your schools fin aid office and tell them when you are going to be enrolled and when you are NOT going to be enrolled because i fear you are setting up a loan for a semester you won't even be there. There are different applications for each academic year, and it sounds like you are not doing all of them!

Judith Said:

Can New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority make you pay a loan that they cannot?

We Answered:

Contact the SSA and ask them to provide you with the reason/documentation the funds are being garnished.

Michelle Said:

Will my student loan refund affect my foodstamps and my daughters medical card?

We Answered:

Only if it happens in the month that you are re-certified and/or check for verification (when you have to turn in your bank statements, etc. If you're over the income limit for food stamps (since there's a maximum amount of resources that you can have) then you'll be denied, but again, this only happens if the amount is still in there when it's time for you to show proof of your assets (resources). Since refunded financial aid is still to be used for educational purposes, you shouldn't feel guilty about having some extra money; however, you need to make sure that it's removed from your account prior to the state's request for your account information (again because it might take you over the resource limit-- you could check what the limit is for your state, in mine it's $2,000).

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