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Student Loan Attorney

Judy Said:

Student loan attorneys?

We Answered:

You can't file bankruptcy on student loans. They are exempt.

Patrick Said:

i need a debt collections attorney on a student loan due to repeated FDCPA violations?

We Answered:

have been yelled at on speaker phone in meetings, and on the bus. People have impersonated Federal officers on the phone, etc, e
These are all clear violations of the FDCPA...yet you would need to have an authorized recording (i.e. where you informed them before hand that you were recording the phone conversation).

As to the sexual harassment aspect.....You should have filed a police report immediately. Unless there were witnesses to this event, then nothing can be proven and the case would be dismissed as hearsay.
If the abusive phone calls continue:

Next time they call, read the following statement:

Pursuant to California state law, this is to inform you that this phone call is being recorded. If you do not consent to being recorded, you need to terminate this call. Pursuant to California state law, continuation of this phone call after officially being informed that it is being recorded implies consent to be recorded. This recording will be used to pursue Fair Debt Collection Practice Act violations in a court of law.

Note: Be careful doing might provoke more aggressive collection activity.

Beverly Said:

Dose any one know where i can find a Attorney for a student loan?

We Answered:

Talk to the FA office at your college or someone in Student Services. Most colleges/universities provide legal information about these types of things.

Gabriel Said:

Private student loan sent to collection attorney----PLEASE ANY INPUT!?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Harold Said:

To write off a student loan in Bankruptcy, Does it have to be exactly 7 ears old?

We Answered:

My profession, south of our common border, is to help people solve problems before they occur.

In the USA student loans are no longer dischargeable by bankruptcy in most cases.

Since you are in the frozen north, I would listen to the lawyer (YUK!) The pressure you mention is from phone calls and letters. Has your attorney offered you one of his form letters to send to your creditors?

If not, check the Y!A section on LAW. You could obtain a simple form letter that can be employed in Canada.

What got you into trouble financially was your inability to handle your capital resources effectively. Here is some information for you to contemplate. Feel free to disregard it now and in the future.
[Nothing in this commentary is meant to solicit a client in a nation wherein I am not licensed.]

You must, must, must spend less money than you earn.

Some of my recommendations to clients are to expend their paychecks in this manner (although this is not a direct recommendation to you nor anyone not currently a client):

The first ten percent of each check is your RTG amount. (Return to God)

The next ten percent or more is to PYF. (Pay Yourself First) Invest this after a due diligence consultation with a competent and credentialed advisor.

Ten percent is to be deposited in your MORE Fund. (Major Opportunities, major Rescues of friends and family, and major Expenditures...such as a home remodel)

Forty-nine percent or less is for your MPs. (Must Pays; food, utilities, rent, and those things that must be paid)

Ten percent for your ED. (That is, your EDucation; your mind; your competence. If you do not improve, you are of little value to yourself, your family, your country, or your God)

The last ten percent is for FUN. Go out and waste the money. Have fun.

Note, please, that beans is an expenditure under the MP percentage. Caviar is an expenditure under FUN.

Shoes from K-Mart is an MP. Shoes from Gucci are not.

Jerry Said:

What happens if the Attorney General contacts me about seeking a private attorney due to unpaid student loans?

We Answered:

It sounds like you need to make some phone calls. You didn't say how long you haven't made a payment on the bigger loan, but I would make payment arrangements quickly. Maybe you can negotiate a smaller payment than the one they are offering, or you would be eligible for a deferment (a short period you don't have to make payments on it because you are unemployed for example). Or perhaps consolidate both loans into one to make the payments manageable.

If you don't do something your loan will go into default. Which means they can start garnishing your wages and taking your income tax return. Wave bye to your earned income credit... Also, since you are in default, they add all kinds of fees onto it. So a loan originally $2000.00 could quickly be a debt of $10,000.
Defaults and late payments go on your credit history and not much makes a student loan go away. (For some reason people think if the loan is very old, they don't have to pay it. This is simply not the case). A friend of mine was literally packing boxes to move into a new house, when a defaulted student loan jumped up and stopped them.
Attached is a good publication about loans and loan consolidation.
Good Luck.

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