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Student Loan Bill

Bryan Said:

Can I get a home loan? The only thing I have on my credit are student loans, hosp bills and one old cell bill?

We Answered: - try this service to boost you credit score before getting loan. After credit repair you can get the loan with minimal interest rate.

Emma Said:

Should I pay a portion of my student loan bill to take advantage of the lower APR? ?

We Answered:

OMG this is so wrong. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. If you read the fine print on all those deals you discover that the rates go up about a gazillion percent after the end date on the deal. That or they slip into the fine print that if you miss a payment by a few hours your interest rate will go up to 31% or some ridiculous amount, and they'll charge you some stupid "maintenance" fee or any other way to get your money. That or they will "split" your monthly payment in a weird way to short your "Paper Check" portion of the bill to pay the regular portion of your credit card rather than the paper check part... the checks are a gimmick, they aren't meant to save you money, they are meant to MAKE them money. Period.

Also, be aware of the tax benefits of student loans. You can deduct student loan interest when you do your taxes, not so with the interest on your credit card. Also, should something happen to you and you become disabled or die, student loan balances are forgiven (don't have to pay), if you transfer that money, that benefit would be lost on the money shifted. If you get sick and can't work or any number of other reasons (laid off, wife has baby) you can ask for a forbearance. (period of time you don't have to pay without penalty). Not so with a credit card company.

Trust me, you NEVER know what is going to happen tomorrow. One day you may happily going to college classes and studying... and the next day you could be in a hospital bed unconscious and drooling and not a single person knows whats wrong with you.

Tamara Said:

Why did the news leave out the new student loan tax bill uses money from cuts that were inacted by 109th?

We Answered:

This plan is a load of crap anyway. It lowers the interest on student loans about 3% gradually over the next two years, then stabilizes it for six months and then returns it to current rates. There will be very little benefit as a result of this bill.

I am not sure why Republicans would want to claim this stupid bill and idea as thier own.

Melissa Said:

Will Congress attach a Student loan bill overhaul to the health care bill that uses reconciliation to pass?

We Answered:

Congress is adding anything and everything to the health care bill.
That is why the bill is 18" high.

Pelosi says we need to pass the bill so we can find out what is in the bill.

Shouldn't we know what is in it before we make it law?

Betty Said:

if you are paying on student loan bill and never been late will you still get a check?

We Answered:

Why wouldn't you? Just because you have student loan debt doesn't mean you don't make money, pay taxes, etc. I think you would still get the check so long as you weren't making more than $150k a year.

Cassandra Said:

If House passes health/student loan bill does it go back to Senate and filibusters?

We Answered:

reconcilliation does not work... senate connot update any social security bill changes by reconcilliantion... more lies from the WH...

Bobbie Said:

How much is your student loan bill every month?

We Answered:

too dang much..My interests is 10.00 a month just on one of my loans (the smallest one)..mine are in deferment but the last statement said 90.00 for 2 months. (on 1100.00)

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