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Student Loan Bureau

Andy Said:

Credit Bureau keeps adding my student loan as wage earner?

We Answered:

Student loans can not be dismissed by bankruptcy.

Penny Said:

How high will my credit score increase if I get out of default student loan?

We Answered:

Difficult to say without looking at the rest of your report. Also, how long has this student loan been on your report?

When a negative item first appears, it has a very large effect. After 4 years the impact is not as bad, and your credit begins to improve. After 6 years it only has a small impact....but again depending on the rest of your credit history.

If this is a recent negative on your report, it should have a fairly large impact. Just make sure that they actually take it off your credit report.....NOT show it as paid. That does nothing to help your report because the fact it was in collections will still show up.

Vivian Said:

Where can i find a Student Loan Bureau in Jamaica?

We Answered:

Students who are looking for a bad credit student loan should pick three schools they are most interested in, talk to the admissions office, and ask what is needed to apply in their school.A bad credit<!--student loan is payable only after the student has completed his or her education, and has started earning a certain minimum amount. You can find more information on Student Loan here,

The minimum amount that the candidate of the bad credit student loan is required to earn has also increased. Bad credit student loans are available as both secured and unsecured loans-->depending on whether you are a homeowner or not. The rate of interest to be paid on unsecured bad credit student loans is higher than that on secured bad credit student loans. This is because the secured bad credit student loans are backed by your home as a security.

Esther Said:

How long does take for a student loan creditor to report to credit bureaus a past due balance as finally paid?

We Answered:

Even though paid the fact that it was late will remain on your credit report for 7 years. If you cannot pay it for any reason ask for a forbearance interest accumulates, but you do not have to pay, and it does not show up on your credit report.

Kimberly Said:

How much is the insured portion of my student loan?

We Answered:

It means that soon they will start garnishing your wages and taking your income tax return until the entire balance (plus all the accumulated interest and penalties) is paid off. It doesn't matter what the creditors do, YOU will still be responsible for repaying all of it... plus the extra you have accumulated because you defaulted. (Loan companies hike your interest when you default).

And if you haven't paid it off (by wage garnishment and income tax return kidnapping) by the time you are old, gray and drawing social security benefits then they will garnish that too. You can NEVER get out of paying off your student loans.

Joel Said:

HELP! 60 day late student loan reported to credit bureau?

We Answered:

If you don't have a job, no bank will loan you money for a house, so the late payment is the least of your worries.

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